Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's basically da Joos again. What else is new...

There is no question that the Executive office has full legal and constitutional authority to ban immigration from any country it deems fit. There are countless precedents by previous administrations even after the (((1965 Immigration Act))) (like Obama’s ban on Cubans). That didn’t stop the 9th Circuit illegitimate court in San Francisco from ruling to lock the ban, formulating an absurd legal precedent that asserts that all 7 billion people in the world are not just entitled to come to the United States regardless of national interest, but are even fully entitled to the protections of our Constitution. Using this logic, the raid on Osama Bin Laden was illegal because he wasn’t given a chance to surrender or read his Miranda Rights.

This legal ruling, especially the original cuck Robart one that the 9th Circuit reaffirmed, is without a shadow of a doubt the product of institutional corruption by so-called judges that reveals the sheer extent of decay in our judicial branch. While the American people support Trump’s policy, and expressed this will at the ballot box last November, Jews and other financial elite have used their money and clout to undermine our democracy and put our citizens in danger.

They want to racially replace whites and abuse H1-B visas for profit, and if America becomes a Mexico or India style violent, dysfunctional brown feudal state in the process, so be it.
Conservatives constantly talk about the 21st century tech industry as “liberal” – acting as if it is some amorphous, faceless blob of “social justice.” But the unpopular politics of the largely software-focused (compared to the largely white Gentile propelled golden age of computer innovation between 1985-2000) Silicon Shtetl is new, a product of the great influx of Jews and to a lesser extent Indians who make money off endeavors like stealing your private information and re-selling it, collecting your money while taking a steep cut, and other parasitical “middle man” operations looking to cut corners instead of contribute. There’s a reason why the Occident has always spit upon the merchant class.

Now this coalition of Jews and plutocrats is flexing its muscle after its puppet candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated.

Daily Stormer

We have to keep on trolling so that the white working class and the unions realize what these people are doing.  We still have plenty of time to unite white people.  And the anti-white coalition of the Democratic party and (((Hollywood))) do our work for us anyway, day after day....  destroying the Democratic party.  We still have demographic space to move in, with their help day after day. 

They don't have space to move in, within white tribalism.  But they're already at peak hysteria and peak tribalism.  Including African prison riots in Delaware now and incitement to violence from (((Hollywood)))/Sarah Silverman and the rest...    

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