Friday, September 11, 2015

Ramble, ramble.... ramble... who cares about local blogs.

Nothing is more hateful these days than accusing someone of being antisemitic and therefore someone that wants to herd Jews into ovens (Huckabee) while turning other Jews into soap and six million lampshades in their spare time.    Those are the cartoons that Mr. Moseley, Mike Huckabee, Glen Beck and so forth think are true.  They probably think that the loony tunes cartoons (quite literally!) that Netanyahu used at the U.N. are true too.   

You can censor this cultural background but it is all totally relevant to politics in America and the views of these freedumb fry eaters on Iraq and now Syria/Iran and "WMDs." 

These total "We're saving Jews from ovens that Obama wants to put them in." nutters are somewhat influential.  (Glen Beck and Mike Huckabee)

If someone is "antisemitic" and therefore supposedly wants to turn Jews into six million pieces of soap baked in ovens or whatever cockamamie stories and gossip Jews themselves have generally created...  then what should be done with that person?    Claiming that someone is "antisemitic" is hate speech and incitement now.   Of course, I'm for free speech anyway.  And that's the ethos of the internet invented by European Americans, although I didn't bother to archive this thread. 

Call the ADL and the SPLC about this hate speech, I need a little Jew to do surveillance.  That would be fun.

Regardless of the Jews, you guys seem to want censor and thought police everyone too... who knows why.    You seem to be a political party of two:
In 2004, the party gave its ballot line to the independent presidential campaign of Ralph Nader, he received 2,152 votes for 0.6% of the total vote in Delaware. [2]  --Wikipedia

Let's say that you agreed with me and started saying, "Say, Jews..."  What difference would that make?

Side note, please don't do that.   Because as far as some White rubes go, we're better off without you.  Next thing you know, NYT:  "It was reported to us by the ADL and some other Jews that someone in Delaware, said Jews!  And we never said that was kosher and mainstream love speech for us, so what's going on in Delaware?  What, do you think we Jews influence and control countries for the sake of our group or somethin'??  Do ya!!"   Etc.etc. 

Perhaps we're better off doing what we're doing without you.  Actually changing some of your minds about anything might be like having Mr. Moseley on an explicitly White political tribe/team or lobby group for European Americans.  One would have to give him a pat on the head and tell him to run along, perhaps hoping that he would join a different team!

Maybe it's fortunate for us that he's already playing for a different group of people.  

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