Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Ramble 9/1

Many politicians are just taking positions based on the atmosphere created by Trump telling the truth.

People on the internet have known about "ethnic" violence for a long time but it has to be pushed through the decaying, degenerate corporate media of the West. 

Otherwise for peasants it's just:
(Man Rapes and Sodomizes 70 Year Old.  Man!)
(Gun Violence in City:  Should All Law Abiding White Men Be Disarmed?)
(Decapitation in Walmart: Workplace Violence, More Diversity Needed to Stop Racism)

The irony of the corporate media is that it's basically the military industrial media that justifies itself and the wars it markets based on "national security" while doing next to zero for real NATIONAL security. 

If you're decapitated at the mall by a Somali, then in the media that's just: 
(Man Engages in Knife Violence:  Do We Need Knife Control?)
(Islamic Civil Rights Group Calls for More Sensitivity: Why are White Supremacists in America Racists?)
(Do We Need More Knife Control Laws to Protect From White Supremacy?) 

Imagine possible headlines here:
(Dover Police Gun Down Unarmed Black Toddler: Is This More Racism?)

I think people are frustrated because they know they're wading through mountains of BS in "the media" now.  

I don't even watch the media in America because it's just dumb now... but one winds up seeing the electronic footprint of trendy degenerates of the cosmopolitan sort or Jewish ethnic activists creating "the media" anyway.

Possible headline news:
(White Hispanic Guns Down Unarmed Black Baby: CNN Reports!)
(Spanish Hispanics an Oppressed Minority: When Will America Stop Being so Racist?  HuffPost)
(White Mexican Jorge Ramos Says That Trump is Eating Mexican Incubator Babies: Does This Mean That Spanish Oligarchs in Mexico Should Be Able to Fill Corrections Corporation of America With Criminals?)
(Corrections Corporation of America Contributes to Candidates Supported by Jorge Ramos but Bernie Sanders Doesn't Support More Immigration: More Racism?)

I'm just making stuff up.  :-)  But look at the headline mixes that are real enough and then take note of the bylines, given that the media is chock full of diverse groups of ethnic and political activists.  And that's why people feel the way they do.  "Agitated."

Why do we need multiculturalism, diversity and enrichment with yet more ethnic activists? 

Who knows!  One thing seems certain, we can't all flop down on the ground and be oppressed minorities at once.  There has to be someone still standing as the racist/Nazi/colonial oppressor.

But as this degenerates, one half expects:
(Gay Black Man Shoots White People Based on Race:  What Does This Mean for Racist Perceptions of Muslims as Terrorists? 
Byline:  Akbar Mohammed Snackbar)
(Mohammed Snackbar Shoots Up Synagogue: No Longer Employed by Huffington Post
Byline:  Mr. Tibetan Pygmy)

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