Monday, September 14, 2015

RAmble 9/14

They don't seem to get it.  Your ethnic group is priceless. 

Do you need a bigger SUV or whatever?  What do they mean by "growth"? 

Anne Coulter:
As I have been warning you, the big, national Tea Party groups are mostly shysters and con-men raising money for their own self-aggrandizement.
The Tea Party Express, for example, “represents” the views of ordinary Americans by supporting Chamber of Commerce demands for cheap labor through Amnesty.
Is Schumer’s harangue enough to convince the bubbleheads in the GOP to say: Let’s take it to the Democrats on this issue! They could start by asking Schumer: “How come we don’t get to have the same immigration policy that Israel does?”

I like Israel’s immigration policy: instant, unapologetic, unsentimental deportation of illegal aliens. Schumer obviously supports that policy, too. It’s one of many Israeli policies we might try here at home, if only Schumer would let us.

Could it be that Schumer cares more about the survival of Israel than he does about the survival of the Republican Party?


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Next thing you know he'll be saying that he grew up in a Tee Pee with Elizabeth Warren.  One thing they'll never do is argue that they're Palestinians.

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