Monday, September 14, 2015

Ramble 9/14

People interested in preserving European civilization (aka the First World) as Americans in this mess could look at current events this way, at least the "globalists" tried to put Little Syria in Germany.  I hear that's ending.  Even with all the thought policing that they've established there.  If GERMANS didn't like "Little Syria" being put there, then that's a hate speech and the racism according to you know who.

Then there's the Mr. Moseley types. Where will they put "Little Iran" if Patrick Clawson and Mr. Moseley get their way, looking for "WMDs" everywhere?  That same guy, Clawson was recently at a Dick Cheney speech and couldn't even grab a banner out of the hands of a code pink girl. 

He wants war but he can't even take a sign from a girl.  :-|   And yes, I'm aware that saying girls exist as a group is politically incorrect.  That's the point.   With some of these "think tank" guys and lawyers it would seem to be debatable if they're girls anyway.    

Note for those employed by our national security state that these are the type of people that will leave you to die.  So if you want to fight for something and put your skills as man to better use then fight for your national security in a "country" where your kith and kin may be killed by immigrants,* multiculturalism and diversity.
a large ["]body of people["], associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government peculiarly its own.
  That's one definition.

*Mr. Moseley and neoconservative chicken hawk cucks in general (Sounds like a stereotype about chickens and hawks, huh?  I bet there are some exceptional chickens that are actually predators!) will tell you that WMDs are the greatest danger to a nation.  They're not.

Example given, Japan was nuked and rebuilt as Japan, by "the Japanese."  Sure, it's bad.  It's a terrible tragedy.  It should be prevented.  So we are preventing "another 911," not cuckservatives.  All that aside, if Japan was forced to accept European immigrants based on a mentality of reparations for WWII forever or whatever pretext was used then that would change their nation and their country forever.  Forever.  Get it?  Not nuked and rebuilt.  The Japanese would have been changed, forever.    Perhaps European propagandists working for the interests of their own group against the Japanese could have been promoted in their media, "I have a dream that people would be judged based on the content of their character.  Japanese, what?  There are no Japanese.  We're all just people. Who do you think you are, a Japanese supremacist or something?  Call the police, hate crime!  WWII.  Okay, they've been taken away.  So now, here's this beauty queen and some rainbows.  You like tolerance, don't you?  Don't you!" 

We're not allowed to talk about this despite our customs and  traditions of free speech.  But since I don't care about that, here's the influence of you know who on the Japanese:
(Biracial Beauty Queen Challenges Japan's Self-Image - The ...)
(Beauty queen fights racial bias in Japan - USA Today)

So this is happening even without direct ethnic targeting based on hatred for events in WWII.

Their national character, their culture and their country could be changed forever based on thought policing "racism" and "hate speech" while diversifying them out of existence as a group. 

WMDs?  You could rebuild.  But there's no rebuilding from multiculturalism.    Apparently people can be convinced to commit suicide as a group or reduce themselves to minorities in the countries that their ancestors died for based on these techniques.  So it would seem that psychological warfare is more powerful than the WMDs that Mr. Moseley is so concerned about.

So get some of the influence of "globalism" and so on into Syria or Iran and a little while later: "What Iranians?"

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