Friday, May 23, 2014

Ramble 5/23

Although from a higher geopolitical or psychopathic perspective, it does sometime seem like Putin is more intelligent than his "F the EU."/PNAC/empire building/"Zionist"/Khazar Klan opponents at this point.   (Notice how they're never caught saying: "F the interests of Israel.") 

If they do end up paying for part of it than they deserve to know that when they get their bill.

Another ramble... but seriously, they signed on to mortgages and put down payments down so that bankers could create money out of nothing to lend back to them at (LIBOR scandal) interest.  And before that, they most likely signed on to close to a hundred thousand petrodollars in student loan debt/money as some sort of an "investment" in... themselves?  Or their future career as a waiter or waitress, apparently.  If they had simply invested that money in the stock market and ridden this (last?) bubble up along with their oligarchy then they would have been better off than trying to work for a wage later.  Perhaps at some point serfs have to take responsibility for their stupidity and ignorance before we can even begin talking about what they're supposedly "paying" for or not paying for. 

I'm just saying, does it really matter if most don't even know where the "money" that they're all working and scrambling for in order to pay for everything comes from?  (Just put a monitoring system in their Iworld and monetize the amount they breath so that they can be even more deeply incorporated in the debt/money of central bankers already.  There could be a big derivatives market in hot air.)

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