Thursday, May 08, 2014

Gender bending ramble...

Estrogen and gender bending.... it's pollution on the one hand but gradually turning into a big business in Tolerance "buy your cheap rainbows here" Inc. on the other.  E.g.  "Another obstacle is the price (US$ 1.00 per day), it is the most expensive estrogen therapy."  Etc.  Until there's not enough ponzi to paper a lack of judgment and a lack of awareness of basic aspects of physical reality over, then people tend to get rather intolerant.  My guess is that it'll be fine until the Iworld turns off, due to a lack of cheap credit in the fossil fueled Empire that's been built up around central banking.

In the meantime, the total estimated cost:  "Estimated Cost of all Surgeries.........$28,600 to $74,600
   These costs do not include the fees for a gender therapist, or the fees for an Endocrinologist, or Electrolysis, and the cost of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and any other miscellaneous expenses that may be accrued during your transition.
   If you spend top dollar for all the different surgeries, along with the miscellaneous expenses. If your transition last several years you could end up spending close to $100,000."  Yahoo

How much would it cost to change anyone's feelings and desires and love to align with an external form of truth in the least?  Supposedly that's impossible.  So we're left with the concept of trying to reconfigure basic physical and biological facts around feelings instead.  At the extreme end it costs $100,000... or at the less extreme versions of the "my feelings define reality" mentality, divorce lawyers aren't cheap either. 

It's likely that a fossil fueled and progressively wasteful form of civilization will head the way of the Dodo eventually, as usual.  It is now being pushed by occult forces all the way to the feminine side, with no "truth in love" balance or any concept of beings made in the image of the trinity balancing the feminine and the masculine in their minds to view external reality in general.  I feel like I should note that this is merely the setup for Age of Horus and Return of the King after the Two Towers collapse type stuff.  The occult is all a big fantasy and very entertaining, except when it isn't.  There is nothing new under the sun, except the Son.

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