Thursday, May 01, 2014

Ramble 5/1

But who am I to talk, given that I don't call my Congressional "pet" enough. One thing that AIPAC's failed lobbying effort to have the war with Syria/Iran go hot shows is that Congress is still full of careerists.  I.e. they care when a lot of people begin to get upset with the idea of going to war to search for WMDs in someone else's underpants again.  Before someone with a Talmudic mentality like Chertoff (Mr. Rapiscan Inc.) decides that its the underpants of Americans that need to be checked next.  They've all backed off quite a bit lately.  Seems like.  As perhaps even the dumbest goyim get frustrated with being herded around by Chertoff Inc. or directed to police the world based on a "war of terror" by Zionists.  

Hopefully it's not the calm before the storm of a huge false flag.... I'm a bit behind on keeping up with whatever "drills" are scheduled lately, actually.  I heard that someone was developing an app on the Android marketplace to keep track of and map anymore "drills" planned by in America.  Never did download it  Hoping for the best and all that.        

Conservatives are hollering at the wrong people.

Usually.   But relatively powerless people have to get upset and vent about something.... given that they sense that there's nothing we can do about it. 

Progressives do the same thing.  Were they courageous enough to seek the truth on 911 or go around with "No more wars for Israel!" signs during the Iraq war?  No.   They hid it all in the petrodollar and oil stuff that flows around the issue of Zion.  But who actually has one of the most powerful lobbies in Congress and is infiltrating the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon and so forth?  Who is lawless and powerful enough that even Wikileaks is scared of them and self-censors? (I self censor too sometimes, a lot of goyim are pretty dumb and it's just not worth it.)   According to progressives it's all the international oil companies and "corporations"?  Right. 

I'm all for taking responsibility up and down the line.  But it's the Zionist lobbies right out in the open and their involvement in false flagging everyone with "Death to Israel.  Death to America." type anthrax attacks for the corporate media to report on and so on.  It's even degenerated into "Jews are being forced to register in the Ukraine!" type slop and lies that get corrected too quickly for people to take advantage of it.

Zionists are still trying to fire up War Inc. or stage an "F the EU coup."  I should note that it's not going very well at this point.  (The internet or the goyim getting a hold of information itself is probably antisemitic, no doubt.  RIP Aaron Swartz... I wonder if he considered himself a member of the tribe?)  But they'll probably blame Obama Inc. for the fact that things aren't going well.  He didn't run the guns through Benghazi to Syrian "rebels" fast enough, no doubt.  He didn't react to their attempts to destabilize Ukraine and align it with the West fast enough.  That's what Krauthammer will probably say...  or has probably already said.  I'm really down on my intake of the corporate media these days so I don't really know what they're saying.  In many ways, given that it's usually just a marketing campaign for the conglomeration of interests financing it the Media Inc. is irrelevant...  including Fox News.*  (I.e. if you want to know the truth about what's going on in the world, it's not to be found there.)

It's been years since I've read the News Journal too.  Maybe they've changed.  Probably not.            

*I wonder if they cut back on their marketing of the Keystone XL?  But again, I don't know.  I checked a little on the internet. Looks like they're probably still being dumb.

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