Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ramble, processing some thoughts...

So if we read the whole thing...

That's a big if.

Basically, the thinking seems to be that the (real) Torah uses the term "slave" and that's supposed to conjure up imagery of slavery from a Spielberg movie.  Then we're all supposed to salivate like Pavlov's dogs with a sense of our own righteousness relative to ancient people and their prophets.  Meanwhile, drones are flying around in the background executing people without trial and that's all framed as protecting our Judaized tribal or "national interests." How advanced.  How high tech!  How progressive?  Apparently progressives are high on the hopium and change at this point. 

And their modern commandments seem to be:  "If people cross your interests or seem threatening then execute them without trial.  Women and children are collateral damage... except when you're assassinating sixteen year old Arab kids without trial on purpose, which is fine."

Apparently the Left is supposed to salivate like Pavlov's dogs because the Bible contains the word slavery even when the slavery being referred to doesn't actually apply to the racial white/black or "checkerboard" cultural conditioning* typical to the base of the Democratic party? 

Name Of Slave Ships And Their Owners:

The 'Abigail-Caracoa' - Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Crown
Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson

The'Nassau' - Moses Levy

The 'Four Sisters' - Moses Levy

The 'Anne' & The 'Eliza' - Justus Bosch and John Abrams

The 'Prudent Betty' - Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix

The 'Hester' - Mordecai and David Gomez

The 'Elizabeth' - Mordecai and David Gomez

The 'Antigua' - Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell

The 'Betsy' - Wm. De Woolf

The 'Polly' - James De Woolf

The 'White Horse' - Jan de Sweevts

The 'Expedition' - John and Jacob Roosevelt

The 'Charlotte' - Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks

The 'Franks' - Moses and Sam Levy

A video, "The Jewish Role in the Black Slave Trade," a speech by Prof. Tony Martin with an introduction by Hoffman, remains online at Google, as of this writing. Viewers who wish to see it before it, too is censored by Google, can access it here:  [censored]
  Censorship, as usual.  That will end well for those who try to practice it these days.*  Why even try to censor?  Curious how many dumb goy can be convinced to censor or self-censor so-called "hate speech" even as the First Amendment is used to justify pornography in the background.    

Anyway... everyone is going to have to debate information and the evidence of history honestly instead of relying on controlling information, especially in the future.     

*Side note, this video is the explanation for Donald "It's from my culture." Sterling's racism.  Not that he isn't still be responsible for himself as an individual.   It's just interesting that you can read the news one way from your compartmentalized place in the Right/Left or conservative/liberal paradigm.  Or you can read it with your eyes open. 

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