Monday, May 26, 2014

Ramble 5/26

But that seems to have lasted about as long as some of them said it would.  I think part of it is that they didn't or couldn't deal with Judaism and the slave trade based on the international networks of slave and debt/money trade that have been typical to Jews.  So now Americans have come to the point of establishing a Jewish state with their wealth and military when they can't establish a Christian state according to the Constitution.  Of course, they can't really establish a Jewish state based on the principles of the Constitution either.  And that's probably one of the main reasons that no one in the JudeoChristian establishment is paying attention to the Constitution anymore.  Assassination without trial,  Purim.  Lend to the goyim at interest, get everyone IMF'd.  Bureaucracies and the FDA that are all about legalism and power and not really about helping anyone in reality, kosher. If America ever was a so-called "Christian nation" like Moseley says, it seems that it has now been Judaized.  What actually aligns with the Constitution and so-called "Christian nation" type beliefs at this point?  Preemptive wars or indefinite detention without trial, "political correctness" policed by Zionists through the ADL/DHS or centralizing control over guns?  Jewish values have been established, while Judaics that position themselves to the Left murmur about things but never do anything to radically expose and change the establishment of rabbinic teachings or their secular versions of exceptional tribalism.

For example, the controlled Left attacked W. for speaking at Bob Jones because they once forbid interracial marriage.  But they did not attack him for going to Israel or to synagogues where interracial marriage is preached against to this day.        
US presidential campaign: George W. Bush speaks at racist ...
Feb 8, 2000 - The appearance by George W. Bush last Wednesday at Bob Jones University, in Greenville, South Carolina, is an event which deserves more ...
Jonesing for votes -
Feb 3, 2000 - Self-proclaimed “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush spoke Wednesday morning at Bob Jones University, a Greenville, S.C., school ...
What Is Bob Jones University? | Democracy Now!
Mar 2, 2000 - Seizing on Texas Governor George W. Bush's controversial campaign stop at Bob Jones University in South Carolina, Democrats said this ...
Dear Jewish in Name Only,

While it is true that your parents have failed to give you a Jewish education, their negligence does not exonerate you from YOUR responsibility, nor does it permit you to walk away from your people. There is no justification for abandoning your faith, your people or your God. Understand that by opting for intermarriage you are bringing your family’s Jewish existence to a close after thousands of years.
    Nevertheless, I can comprehend your feelings of resentment at having been deprived of a Jewish education. Judaism has never been made meaningful to you….you have never been challenged by its majestic call. Therefore, it is understandable that you feel apathetic, if not hostile, to your faith. And so, under the circumstances it would not seem realistic to demand that you sacrifice the man you love for a religion which is unrelated to your life.  [Censored]

The fact that sites are constantly being censored may be indicative of the problem with allowing one group of people to act like racial or tribal supremacists while everyone else is supposed to celebrate multiculturalism and interracial marriage.  I don't have a problem with interracial marriage.  I have a problem with abject hypocrisy and "That's only for the goy." type manipulation or destabilization campaigns.  If people want to marry, fine.  I'm all for it, despite the fact that most people getting married are clueless and have no idea what they're getting into.  There doesn't need to be a marketing campaign for interracial marriage led by Jews while they're silent about its lack in their own tribe (Or worse, they condemn and police it... as in Israel.), either way. 

Ironically, another site that cites the same "sacrifice the man you love for a religion" article: 
Intermarriage has created a silent holocaust in this generation. Jewish re-identification and re-education will uncover the deepest treasures in one’s life. Intermarrying may have become fashionable, but it is still wrong and destructive. Judaism, its practices and faith have always been the source of our survival. Holocaust memories alone have not been enough to keep us together as a people. Jewish family life can be a source of pride, joy, and daily inspiration. Jewish education is the key to survival. Assimilation is an illusion to escape from who we are, but it only brings more problems. Survival depends on our efforts to accept and become who we really are. Interfaith marriages have one of the highest divorce rates. Genealogy and family history were always guarded in order to keep our people together.  Link
Pay attention, Zionists are often at the forefront of immigration and promoting interracial marriage for others, sometimes for the purpose of degrading and destabilizing the goyim so that tribal supremacists can rule in their ethnic networks.  Yet, what Jews perceive as weakness may ultimately be the strength of the "multicultural" goyim that they're often trying to act like tribal policemen over from both the Right (openly saying) and the Left (keeping silent and gate keeping information). 

Who made them the policemen of the "political correctness" that they and many members of their tribe don't even live by?   Police yourselves as a tribe full of racial supremacists first and then get back to us...   seriously.   

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