Monday, April 28, 2014

Ramble 4/28

Meanwhile, SWAT team raids incoming among the Amish or people selling raw milk thanks to America's increasingly criminal or fascist/corporatist bureaucracies.   Interesting that even the Amish use modern ponzi from the Federal Reserve Inc., though.  So they haven't really quite escaped being incorporated in the system of central banking and Delaware's type of 

Decentralize the currency and the power of ponzi away from those that have centralized control over it and the majority of this stuff involving globalism would be lessened, perhaps all the way down to the poor chickens in slower lower.

Ramble.  Hasn't China stopped buying "American" debt/money?  So now this thing is becoming even more of a shell game than it already was, as Russia essentially prepares for war (thanks to Nuland's/Nudelman's "F the EU" coup).  They can plan coups but we can't even recognize people working as a supposed "chosen" tribe or say the word Zionist without someone wetting their pants.  Seriously.  By the way:
Email intercepts that included the original copies of anti-Semitic leaflets distributed in Eastern Ukraine have now been shown to be part of an elaborate false flag hoax to sabotage recent US-Russian talks.
  The hoax, a “game theory warfare” operation, was meant to “sucker punch” both Russia and the US.  If those responsible, in this case the New York based ADL, were caught, and they have been, there would be no consequences.
   The ADL is “untouchable.” When Secretary of State Kerry expressed his revulsion at Nazi leaflets demanding that Jews in Ukraine “register” with a non-existent government agency, little did he know he was the victim of an elaborate and highly dangerous false flag hoax.
   Anonymous Ukraine, the group that intercepted emails outlining false flag terror attack plans made by the US Embassy in Kiev in March, has done it again. Emails intercepted between Washington DC offices tied to the Anti-Defamation League sent to neo-Nazi extremists in the Ukraine were the sources of the outrageous materials.  Google
How long is the goyim golem going to fall for that sort of thing?  Ironically now everyone is imitating it, from homophobia (Matthew Shepherd, icon... and meth head) to Islamophobia (What does that even mean when people from a group that you associate yourself with are cutting off the heads of other people?  Seriously.)  

The same sort of PNAC factions/tribe members missed their war with Syria/Iran going live recently before they moved to the Ukraine.  Personally... I think it's official, these bureaucracies and "think tank" types are OFFICIALLY out of control.  And if they're out of control or planning coups while Obama plays golf and entertains the American people actually providing the military power in the background (when they're not occupied with the NFL), then what will happen to the chickens... before we too, head the way of the Dodo? 

Perhaps that's the main problem.  People are like a flock of Dodos, so that's that.

One of the few reports describing the apparently fat and aggressive Dodos: 
These mayors are superb and proud. They displayed themselves to us with stiff and stern faces, and wide-open mouths. Jaunty and audacious of gait, they would scarcely move a foot before us. Their war weapon was their mouth, with which they could bite fiercely; their food was fruit; they were not well feathered but abundantly covered with fat. Many of them were brought onboard to the delight of us all.  --Wikipedia

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