Friday, February 03, 2006

The wisdom of parasites?

I was going to write something about this weaving the metaphoric Blind Watchmaker and the feminine Mother Nature that Darwinists sometimes speak of against the metaphoric feminine Wisdom found in proverbs and reiterated by Jesus. There is a warning about throwing the pearls of Wisdom before the swine that whine, these half-wits that try to engage in denying the good half of all wit and wisdom. So I do not know, I suppose I lack the wit to know how to use knowledge, which would be wisdom. It would be easy though, as I do know that the patterns of thought and associations for such metaphors are written all over the thinking of those with the urge to merge.

Instead of going all craaazy with metaphors I would note this, the empirical evidence stops with this sentence: "It breaks out of its cocoon, and out of the roach as well." From there on the text is theorizing and verbal images that degenerate into "One could easily imagine..." and "'s not hard to envision..." that indicate the way that the Darwinian mind is so often "overwhelmed" by evidence drawn from its own vain imagination. It is easily overwhelmed.

One might say that such a mind exists only in its own imagination anyway, so it should not be surprising that it feels its way along blindly based on patterns of images that come into its brain, like a cockroach that is enslaved to a wasp of the malevolent feminine.

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