Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'll be nice.

For Jason, I think I'll leave out where I've worked and lived, as well as movies I could watch over and over. Who actually watches mooovies over and over? As far as living, as far as I can tell I was a possibility in the mind of infinite Intelligence that transcends and finished painting the picture of is finished indeed, bits of me were in a vast Cosmic "Big Bang," the possibility of me came together thanks to the Romance of a little Yin and Yang coming into the picture, then I lived for a time in my mother's womb, and so on. But just as I cannot remember such things, I may not be remembering much more. A lot of the picture depends on one's reference frame in it, I suppose, as it is that frame of reference that matters to a person.

Four TV shows I love:

From limited observation I would say that four TV shows worth loving cannot be found, although I watch Lost on occasion.

(The New Yorker, 1951)

Four places I've vacationed:

Hatteras, Idaho, upstate New York and Florida.

Four of my favorite dishes:

My mom's fajitas, Thanksgiving dinner, spaghetti, and things she makes up...except that dreadful weird plant salad she made this week in a moment of creativity. Creativity doesn't always work out, but one has to try to know...and besides, some people like things that others do not. It's that subjective element to life.

Four sites I visit daily:

Lexis-nexus, Google, sometimes Two or Three and the Delawarean blogs listed on the right but saying I visit them daily is pushing it. Maybe weekly...

Four places I would rather be right now:

Windsurfing in Maui, Hatteras, Virginia or Florida...which I will be soon.

Four bloggers I am tagging (so they will all have a good reason to post):

I would do this[Link removed by request, now aren't you curious?], this, this and this one since this whole exercise seems rather like Xanga. I think I could get into that though. So dearest dearie diary, there are four things that I like, oh how I like them. It's like this, like...and then I was like, like this other thing that I like, can't quite make the metaphoric connection to! Imagine that...but how nice I am on this mighty fine day, which I like!

[Edit: That is a good post. I haven't been keeping up with blog reading lately. I've been reading about other things like the origins of Life and so on, even as the possibility lurks that much of Life will be burned in a nuclear fire. I would note this, it may be a good thing that scientists, for all their claims throughout history and now the claims about genetics, still basically do not understand Life that much. It may be good because greater knowledge always seems to lead to the possibility of greater Good and greater Evil, especially greater evil in the name of the greater good. Scientists of the technically proficient barbarian sort have never demonstrated much care in using knowledge to give people bigger and bigger weapons. I.e., if Darwinists were really correct in their utterly inane "Darwinism is just like the theory of gravity." argument then one could expect armies of Ape-men on the horizon with their adaptations for warfare predicted and made manifest just as sure as people can predict the trajectory of a bomb given the theory of gravity. But you shouldn't expect that any time soon, if ever, because Darwinists are pulling their inane claims out of remarkably thin air. There is also the possibility of great good. But we're getting to the point now where great evil will result in global death from which there is no coming back and learning, like children, by trial and error as we typically do. It seems we must always try to eat the fruit and only then realize our error, trial and error.]

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