Friday, February 17, 2006

Christian reporters vs. the religious right?

Interesting article from World: Abramoff/Reed scandal by Marvin Olasky The last paragraph:
One room at the National Press Club in Washington bears the name of John Peter Zenger, a Christian newspaper editor who in 1735 exposed corruption among those powerful enough to put him in jail. We are not worthy to be his successors if we don’t ask tough questions for fear of losing ad revenue and circulation. By pushing hard we risk a lot every day, because publications need money to stay in business, but what profiteth any of us if we receive big or little checks garnered through manipulation or dishonesty?

I think it's like this, American politics is like capitalism. It often does not work based on the good but instead takes evil and makes it do some good. This is something that the average prissy Leftist just cannot seem to grasp as an issue in politics these days illustrates. E.g., on the one hand there are some greedy oilmen who want to make money for themselves by selling you oil for your car, while on the other there are some Islamists who want to cut your head off. Which type of evil is easier to harness and which should be focused on and exposed more? The average Leftist focuses on the greedy oilman more than they do on Islamists. Some become so ignorant that they'll still be repeating a canard like: "I deeply disagree with what you are saying but I'll die for your right to say it." as the Islamist kills them and replies, "Thanks for dying."

It's a Machiavellian notion that evil can be harnessed to do any good to be sure. It's dangerous, possibly corrupting too. But as the Prince of Peace said of the representatives of the Prince of this world in his day, render what is his back to him. In the Leftist world he would have said, "I will now begin the revolution because Caesar's economic system is unjust, this will bring heaven on earth."

Isn't it ironic though, the Leftist mind wants to have the State guided by Christian values of charity (concern for the poor) and hospitality (healthcare, caring for health) instead of the Darwinian values of survival of the fittest when it comes to economics. They do not work for a so-called "separation of church and state" there nor do they claim that because such ethics comport with Christianity then they are "unconstitutional" or some such ignorant nonsense. Yet compare that with sexual ethics, when they are touched on in public life they suddenly begin claiming that it is "unconstitutional" for any public policy to be guided by ethics that comport with Christianity. Yet what did Christ say to tricky questions about sexual ethics and marriage as opposed to tricky questions about the State and economic justice? (Marriage summary: "This is absolutely God ordained and cannot be denied." State and economics: "This is the way of the world...for now.")

In the case of economic justice Leftists often appeal to religion while forgetting that they just got done supposedly separating it from public life based on some ignorant "interpretation" of the Constitution. E.g., they seem to forget their usual mewlings about how religious values are being "imposed" on people when it comes to imposing Jewish and Christian values on greedy businessmen yet remember them in the case of the pornographer, who is actually more greedy.

It seems that they have no true basis for their claims and generally rely on distortions of Christianity. If one accepts some values drawn from Christianity even as you try to deny it as a form of total truth then it will suffer various deformations. Given that Leftists generally do not believe Christianity to be "true" in any objective sense the Left seems to have shifted to making their judgments based on their own subjective feelings or preferences, which often leads to exchanging a consistent view based on what is logically correct for inconsistent views based on what is politically correct.

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