Sunday, February 05, 2006


I think I may write some on how Islamic civilization came to its current state:
"This is not a protest, this is a warning," said Khalid Kelly, 39, an Irish national who converted to Islam five years ago. "Stop murdering our women and children. We gave the same message before 9/11. We are now saying to insult our
Prophet means death. We are being attacked and an attack against our Prophet
will mean death."

Abu Jihad, 43, who was born in Pakistan, added that the cartoonist and the editors of the papers should be killed. "It is very clear: Anyone who insults the Prophet must be beheaded. Remember van Gogh?" he said, referring to the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh who was murdered in 2004 for his controversial film about Islam. "Whoever did it, bless him. Islam is peace but you see there will only be peace when Islam is implemented across the world. In the Prophet's time anyone who insulted the Prophet was beheaded. The same should happen now."
(The Globe)

The immediate reaction of the Leftist mind in America when it comes to Islam is to try to conflate all type with stereotype to try to prevent and smother other minds from making even the most simple of judgments. Its main concern seems to be sitting in judgment on stereotypes instead of focusing on the fact that nobody should have their head cut off over a cartoon.

Yet it is a historical fact that Abu Jihad's idea of Islam has Islamic text, history and tradition behind it. That's probably why there has been no Islamic reformation, if one goes back to the traditional formulation or the information in the texts there is virtually nothing there to reform to and so next to nothing for possible reformers to work with. Note the ignorance and the canards typical to the American Left with respect to Islam, apparently they are waiting on a reformation that will never come from within the information of Islam itself.

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