Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I suspect that all I'm accomplishing here is stirring up hatred against me, personally. There are some minds that have never read an empirical fact or form of information that they cannot avoid by hiding in their own lil' feelings about it all, such as hatred.

If you fear the Gay© topic then don't click the link. I think it gets the most comments because of the way that people have simplistic emotionally conditioned responses with respect to Gay© these days. They're not thinking, generally they just have emotional motivation based on their conditioning and the buzzwords that they're supposed to repeat and the like. It's interesting because I used to debate Gay© activists at a higher level than the people who seem to just go around repeating the cultural scripts that they're given and they're often a bit more open as to the manipulation that goes on. Going way back to their treatment at the hands of psychologists, who can really blame them?

Yet as I recall, some have warned against maintaining all the language of their reactionary stance against psychologists from which most Gay© terms are drawn. E.g. sexual orientation, etc. To keep this short, if you keep medicalizing yourself and trying to define your "identity" and civil rights medically then you stand at the mercy of the people in white lab coats who tend to be rather economically minded. One day they stoke their moral vanity by making supposed individual civil rights some sort of medical issue while overlooking the collective general welfare or the equal application of standards to all, the next they may well go back to "treatments." They tend to swing rather wildly and quickly from radical individualism to collectivism because they do not base their thought on principles originally.

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