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I originally made this comment here. I'm posting it here as an archive and to extend it and archive a few other things. I've found that this blog is the best way to store information. It's going to be long, so read it or no. Some sources are dated, generally around the 90s back when the Gay© herd within the Herd thought that the electorate was going to run its way given its techniques of manipulation. I don't debate it much anymore. If you're easily taken in by emotional conditioning and the like that Gays© learn to use from within their community and culture then so be it. As long as you remain in the minority and the majority of the electorate continues to refuse to place children in despicable situations based on your stupidity and ignorance, then I'm fine with it.

Now that the Leftist mind is feeling: "Now wait just a minute here, there are exceptions that I could use to break down all rules!" ...on with the comment anyway, with revisions:
Let's just say that why would I (or anyone else for that matter) use the opinion of one self-loathing "ex-gay" man as evidence of gay life?

So-called Gays© will appear and disappear as you define "them" if you follow the methods and modes typical to hardened Gay© activists. The simple fact remains, men who have sex with men tend towards promiscuity, domestic abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, the unhealthy and abusive act of sodomizing each other, further sexual disorientation and so on. Such behavior patterns and their results can be known by empirical facts.

A man who dedicated his life to denigrate others because he copuln't face the truth about himself.

Only if one agrees with Gays© that sexual desires define the fundamental "truth" about a person and define them as a different type of person and so on.

One who seeks to destroy the thing he loves, another men...

If Gays© really love those they say that they love then patterns such as this would not be recurrent. E.g.:
In the first years of the AIDS epidemic, U.S. officials had no alternative but to negotiate the course of AIDS policy with representatives of a well-organized gay community and their allies in the medical and political establishments. In this process, many of the traditional practices of public health that might have been brought to bear were dismissed as inappropriate. As the first decade of the epidemic came to an end, public health officials began to reassert their professional dominance over the policy-making process and in so doing began to rediscover the relevance of their own professional traditions to the control of AIDS.
Bayer and Angell were not alone. Lee Reichman, director of the National Tuberculosis Center, stated "traditional public health is absolutely effective at controlling infectious disease. It should have been applied to AIDS from the start, and it wasn't. Long before there was AIDS, there were other sexually transmitted diseases, and you had partner notification and testing and reporting. This was routine public health at its finest."
(Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine
Winter, 2003
Quarantine Redux: Bioterrorism, AIDS and the Curtailment of Individual Liberty in the Name of Public Health
by Wendy Parmet)

I.e., they'd be more concerned with the health of fellow Gays© than their own narcissistic forms of religious hedonism that keep recurring in both their rhetoric and patterns of behavior.

It there is someone or something that reeks of death, it is his rhetoric.

Note the historical and empirical facts vs. your own rhetoric, e.g.:
The introduction of the [AIDS] epidemic to developed countries, such as the United States, followed relatively soon after the 'gay revolution' that had its origins in
the riot at the Stonewall Inn, a bar frequented by homosexual men, in New York City in 1969.
Similar patterns soon followed in other developed countries, such as Canada, Australia, and those of western Europe.

(The AIDS Epidemic -- Considerations
for the 21st Century. Fauci, Anthony S.
The New England Journal of Medicine
September 30, 1999; 341: 1046-1050)

The general pattern is that people adhere to religious hedonism then begin to get AIDS, and some definitions of AIDS are still inclusive of a whole host of diseases leading into "immune deficiency." In general people trying to describe the empirical facts seem to be saying that Life begins to refuse to fight for itself. It is curious how medical definitions were clear and basically sound in history until that which sometimes slithers about in the words of religious hedonists resulted in a blurring and smothering of clarity. One example:
The "gay bowel syndrome" has been recognized for years, and is characterized by recurrent enterocolitis due to a medley of enteric bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella, and Campylobacter), as well as the protozoa, Entamoeba and Giardia. The organisms are assumed to be transmitted by anilingus or fellatio. In patients with AIDS, these bacterial infections tend to be more aggressive and are accompanied by bacteremia, which may be recalcitrant. A concomitant defect in neutrophil number or function may be responsible for this occurrence.

(Diseases of the Colon & Rectum
Dis Colon Rectum 1986; 29: 60-64
An Update on the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS);
Associated Disorders of the Alimentary Tract
Lawrence A. Cone, M.D., David R. Woodard, M.S., Barbara E. Potts, M.L.S., Richard G. Byrd, M.D., Richard M. Alexander, M.D., Michael D. Last, M.D.)(Emphasis added)

Note the average Gay© activist, as their move and the goal of their propaganda technique is typically to blur, smother and censor:
There is more than enough room for honest, philosophical debate on providing benefits to anyone. But that isn't what we got. Instead, we got Karen Johnson launching a speech so filled with hate-mongering and fear-peddling as to be breathtaking. [...] She even invented her own illness, something she called "gay bowel disease," an ailment with which the specialists at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are unfamiliar. But they are getting interested in studying what should be called Bigot's Brain Disease.
(The Arizona Republic.
February 14, 1999 Sunday, Final Chaser
Arts and Ideas; Pg. E15
Intolerable Behavior: Legislators Guided by Hate, Capitol Is No Place For Anti-Gay
Byline: Stephen Tuttle, Special for The Republic)

Note the empirical fact:
The objective of this study is to document the types of micro organisms seen in homosexual men with gastrointestinal infections and the prevalence of these among HIV infected individuals. A review was conducted on all positive faecal specimens obtained from homosexual men with gastrointestinal symptoms who attended a private general practice in Melbourne between June 1993 and May 1996. Among the 108 cases isolates were predominantly protozoal. The most frequently encountered organism was Blastocystis hominis, which was present in 61 patients. Forty six percent of all patients were HIV positive. p...] Enteric organisms, predominantly protozoal, which have been traditionally subsumed under the 'gay bowel syndrome' occur frequently in homosexual men who are also HIV positive.
(Gay bowel syndrome in HIV positive homosexual men
Chen M. 1997. Venereology-The Interdisciplinary
International Journal Of Sexual Health. 10: (4) 223-225)

See also:(Harbinger of plague: A Bad Case of Gay Bowel Syndrome., Scarce M, J Homosex 1997; 34 (2): 1-35); ([Gastrointestinal manifestations of AIDS. 1: Basic considerations and viral infections] Gastrointestinale Manifestationen von
AIDS. Teil 1: Grundlagen und virale Infektionen., Prufer-Kramer L; Kramer A, Fortschr Med 1991 Mar 10; 109 (7): 169-72) ([Sexually-transmissible anorectal diseases]., Maladies anorectales sexuellement transmissibles., 30 REFS, Paulet P; Stoffels G, Rev Med Brux 1989 Oct; 10 (8): 327-34) (Prevalence of Enteric Pathogens in Homosexual Men With and Without Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome., Laughon BE;
Druckman DA; Vernon A; Quinn TC; Polk BF; Modlin JF; Yolken RH; Bartlett JG, Gastroenterology 1988 Apr; 94 (4): 984-93) (Gay bowel syndrome, Rodriguez W, Bol Asoc Med P R 1986 Oct; 78 (10): 439-41) (Gay bowel syndrome, the broadened spectrum of nongenital infection, Quinn TC, Postgrad Med 1984 Aug; 76 (2): 197-8, 201-10)
(Shigellosis and the Gay Bowel Syndrome: an Endoscopic Point of View and review of the literature., Kaufman JC; Fierst SM, Gastrointest Endosc 1982 Nov; 28 (4): 250-1)

And so on.

See also: (D. E. Koziol et al., ‘A Comparison of Risk Factors for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis B Virus Infections in Homosexual Men,” Annals of Epidemiology 3, no.4 (July 1993) pp. 434-41; G. Hart, “Factors Associated with Hepatitis B Infection,” International Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and MDS 4, no. 2 (1993), pp. 102-6; T. Weinke et al., “Prevalence and Clinical Importance of Entamoeba Histolytica in Two High-Risk Groups: Travelers Returning from the Tropics and Male Homosexuals,” Journal of Infectious Diseases 161, no. 5 (May 1990), pp. 1029-31; A. Rodriguez-Pichardo et al., “Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Homosexual Males in Seville, Spain,” Genitourinary Medicine 67, no.4 (August 1991), pp.335—38; D. I. Abrams, “The Relationship between Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Intestinal Parasites among Homosexual Males in the United States,” Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, no. 1(1990), Supplement 1, p. 144—46; N. J. Bodsworth et al., “Hepatitis Delta Virus in Homosexual Men in Sydney,” Genitourinary Medicine 65, no.4 (August 1989), pp.235—38; T. Takeuchi, “Sexually Transmitted Amoebiasis: Current Epidemiology,” Kitasato Archives of Experimental Medicine 61, no. 4 (December 1988), pp. 171—79; W Tee et al., “Campylobacter Cryaerophila Isolated from a Human,” Journal of Clinical Microbiology 26, no. 12 (December 1988), pp. 2469—73)

And so on, and on. It's curious how viruses are hard to define as "alive." But at any rate, it is not as if a hardened religious hedonist will see, even if their friends and those they "love" are dying right in front of them as the result of their own actions.

But as to those who have eyes to see, let them see. It seems that those that will see, see by a will that is not their own. There are none so blind as those who will not see. So let the dead in the head bury their dead? The reason that one cannot do that is because we are cultural beings and if a culture comes to be pro-death as the result of religious hedonism, as one ancient philosopher noted it will, then that has its impact on everyone Especially children and youth, e.g.:
High risk sex between men accounts for the largest proportion of AIDS cases among adolescents (13 to 21 years of age). Sex between males has been implicated in 70% of the cases that were unrelated to blood products. In a national sample of sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) seroprevalence among 20- to 24-year-old male homosexual youths was found to be 30.1%, as compared to an overall rate of 1.4% among same-aged clients.
(Pediatrics 1994; 94: 163-168
August, 1994 Section: Articles.
Predictors of Unprotected Intercourse Among
Gay and Bisexual Youth: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Behavior
Gary Remafedi, MD, MPH)

What is observed to be associated with adherence to the religion of hedonism in which one's own sexual desires define the "truth" by defining living a lie vs. honesty and so on:
Model I, Onset of Behaviors Before Age 13, showed use of cocaine before age 13 years as strongly associated with GLB orientation (odds ratio [OR]: 6.10; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 2.45-15.20). Early initiation of sexual intercourse (2.15; 10.6-4.38), marijuana use (1.98; 1.04-4.09), and alcohol use (1.82; 1.03-3.23) also was associated with GLB orientation.
(American Academy of Pediatrics
Pediatrics 1998; 101: 895-902
May, 1998 Section: Articles
The Association Between Health Risk Behaviors
and Sexual Orientation Among a School-based
Sample of Adolescents Robert Garofalo, MD.
R. Cameron Wolf, MS; Shari Kessel, ScB;
Judith Palfrey, MD and Robert H. DuRant, PhD)

And so on, such empirical associations hold cross-culturally as people choose to take up the Gay© identity to "come out" and proselytize to others while living by the tenets of religious hedonism in which it is "living a lie" not to act on whatever desires you may happen to have. (As in fact, it is your own desires that define the truth, as well as defining your identity by being "who you are" and so on.)

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