Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just a comment...

I only wrote a comment tonight.

I happened to catch the tail end of an interview on CNN with a spokesman for Islam. Oh nevermind, there's something about it that is just tiresome and too stupid to deal with seriously. Who is actually deceived by the spokesmen of Islam? But if you're some Leftist that wants to insist that the "religion of peace" itself has nothing to do with international problems in the world and instead want to try to focus on material causes like poverty then ask yourself why poor Hindus, Buddhists, Confuscians, Jews, Catholics and many others are not fighting with everyone else based on whatever their religious leaders tell them to fight over that day. Muslims are always fighting more than people normally do, with pretty much everyone else, the myth that spokesmen for Islam in the West try to prop up is that they have some valid reason for it all. There's another myth on the Left that millions of Muslims are peaceful given that they are not rioting every day. Think about the observable facts from a different perspective, each Muslim that is fighting, throwing rocks, etc., is just making manifest countless more conversations around dinner tables full of the victimization propaganda typical to Muslim culture. In the illusion of their mind they're just fighting back. And it's the Jewish conspiracy that keeps Muslim men down despite all the oil wealth. It's the Jews who make them act like moral degenerates too, see. And so on.

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