Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some uncommon dissent....

Both Bateson and Schindewolf had dismissed the Darwinian model as useless as did Grasse, Broom, Osborn, Petrunkevitch, Berg, Punnett, Goldschmidt and God only knows how many others both before and since. The destruction of the Darwinian fairy tale began with Mivart 12 years after the publication of Darwin’s opus minimus and has continued unabated right to the present. Failure to acknowledge this continuing mayhem has been a scandal unprecedented in the history of science dwarfing both the Phlogiston of Chemistry and the Ether of Experimental Physics.
(John Davison, cf. Uncommon Descent)

He brings up a lot of the critics of Darwinism there, who are worth reading. Listen, even now the Herd moos its fright: "Scientific consensus, peer review....but, but I'm overwhelmed by my own imagination!"

[Edit: I haven't read all the critics of Darwinism from within "evolution" that I should nor the creationist critics either. I intend to, so far I have read quite a few books on intelligent design, Michael Denton's books, as well as one collection of essays by creationists.]

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