Monday, November 28, 2005

Wasting time...

We all waste it sometime for no rhyme or reason. Maybe if I found reason in rhyme then I'd be saving time.

I waste time playing real time strategy games sometimes. This will probably be the only time I post about it. I hadn't played in about a year until last week.

These are shots from a game of Age of Mythology with my younger brother as an ally.

So, it's two vs. one on my colony. Lil' brudder doesn't seem to be winning against his man:

He farms away when he should be hunting animals for food. "Why don't I have food, man! Man!":

His guy uses god powers on me:

Fortunately, my brother sent in the calvary...all five of them:

His guy gets his titan out:

The End.

(I'm kidding, my younger brother isn't bad at it. Although he was pretty bad that game in some ways. I have bad games too but I also have l33t skillz. Oh yes.)

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