Thursday, November 10, 2005


Mike at Telic Thoughts wrote this a while ago:
I’m going to upset many ID proponents, but I have to tell you that I personally hope that some Court will eventually rule against inserting ID into a public school curriculum. Let me explain.

If the Courts prevent ID from being taught in the schools, such that “it’s pretty much the end for ID in public schools,” the anti-Wedge forces will have won the day and no longer have reason to exist. Having taken away the only real “threat” that ID poses, they should be expected to retire their attack machine and return to what it is that they would have been doing had the socio-political expression of ID never existed.

If there is any truth to the design inference, this bodes well for it. Because of the socio-political element to ID, the concept of ID is drowned out by the shouting and politicking. Consider how the terrain might change once ID can no longer be rationally considered a threat to the public education system.
(Telic Thoughts)

It would seem that the victimization propaganda, conspiracy theories and fear mongering typical to the American Left these days would dissipate on the issue. I suspect that may not be true, as that continues on regardless of facts. But in theory, this way research at a higher level could take place, as getting highschool biology teachers (of which many hate ID anyway) to teach about it is not the goal of many scientists supportive of the concept of ID.

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