Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This won't work.

In my opinion, the Left's original attack against Alito isn't going to work, a template most explicitly revealed in a document circulating way out there on the radical Left that argues that Alito did not succeed in prosecute some mob figures and tries to make some connection between his Italian heritage and so on. Chris Mathews apparently called it a "pretty disgusting document." This seems to be the original template, although it probably won't work and will be changed.

Note what shows up on the blogs of the Left, e.g. a selection:
On paper Machine Gun Scalito has the resume for the job.
Machine Gun does not have a good heart...there is ample reason to think so.
...all Democrats should resign from the party because Machine Gun is bad news.
Bush must be counting on the Democrats filibustering Scalito. Unless the Republicans employ the nuclear option and banish the filibuster rule...
Hmmm, maybe they're going to use their Machine Gun on the nuclear option and blow us all to smithereens! So quick, elect some Democrats who are nice little fellows with no nuclear options and no machine guns. For some reason the Left never puts two and two together about why people think they are pansies on national security. But at any rate, note the mafia references which are most explicit on the extreme Left, yet they seem to be trickling down among ordinary Leftists as well. It's from the side of tolerance, don't you know.

The story so far:
"The mobster
Machine Gun does not have a good heart. But me, I'm a nice fellow with a good heart just tryin' to be a helpful helper."

Guess what the Machine Gun's friends say? They say he has quite a good lil' heart. I wonder, who is right?

Alito Is Described by Friends as Studious, Diligent and Modest
"Brilliant," "reserved" and "monklike" are some of the most frequently used terms to describe Samuel A. Alito Jr.
Supreme Court Nominee Considered a Stellar Legal Scholar

And so on.

But then he gets out his mobster machine gun to mow everyone down! Eh?

What the Leftists are frightened of seems to be something spiritual, so if they are not frightened of a nominee then I start wondering why. In their fright, they cannot just say that they disagree politically, instead they try to pretend there is some principled legal disagreement. Failing that, that the nominee is quite a fearful fellow, which supposedly justifies the phobias of the Left. Since the argument about legal principle fails pretty quickly and obviously, it seems that the Left is left with trying to promulgate its own phobias through fear-mongering.

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