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Enlightenment myths...

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Examples from someone who believes in about every single progressive myth there is, apparently:
Now finally, in a few enlightened places, the nation of women have been eking out a small portion of the dignity, long overdue, with which we are all ostensibly endowed, but which is in practice shamelessly denied to fully half the species. The justification? Usually a flimsy set of cultural excuses and religious edicts masking the physiological reality set above. [The feminine being threatened by the less evolved again? Scientific theories vary.]The tables are trying to turn though: Ironically, as it's beginning to develop, less testosterone, more intellectual capacity and discipline at a younger age and cool heads throughout all of life, and less wasteful morphology, are all exactly what our modern civilization selects for ...So naturally a large contingent of throwbacks, almost all of them led by males, has dug their heels in and is determined to maintain the double-standardized status quo, or better yet, reverse it.

That isn't exactly written right because his mind is so ingrained with enlightenment myths written by the progressives of history that he doesn't even feel the need to write them. Apparently he assumes that they are all known and assumed. For how can anyone disagree? It's now such and such an age, after all! How can we even be talking about this, in this age!

Now he is a New Man, so his effeminacy will protect the feminine. Interesting to note that one of the few good parts he makes use of in his writing was immediately condemned by another Leftist, i.e. the "stereotype" of girls and women actually being feminine. For what about all the masculine women of the Left?

It's important to go through the typical Nazi attitude towards religion demonstrated here, as well as the violence promoted by these effeminates who seem to have certain types of psychological dynamics leading them into old patterns. I'll skip the issue of the HPV vaccine that he's basing venting out the evil in his mind about, as I believe it should be used just like we use everything else even when people are stupid or immoral. If people are not to be helped because they are stupid or immoral, then no one will be helped. So putting aside the excuse he is using to give vent to all the evil lurking in his mind I think it is worth taking a look at the way "the reality based community" comes to think:
Now an old force has crawled [see example] out of the darkest depths of our collective Id, as surely as racism and ethnic cleansing clawed out of their burial grounds in Central Europe once relieved of their Soviet Oppressors. And as many suspected, there's a big wide streak of sexism (And racism) running right through the heart of the Neo-Christian Base. Broader than the Mississippi and nastier than a concert outhouse.

In the laboratories of the right-wing church, the ancient prejudice is jolted back to life, unloaded from the psyche onto the sanctify of the Temple, washed clean of shame, and offered back to the faithful now refined by convoluted apologetics and stamped with the comforting Seal of Allah, God, or YVHW. From the Sunni bin Laden wannabes to the Mullahs of Iran to loosely confederated Neo-Christian groups across North America, the faithful are schooled in the age old sexist hatreds, at times openly at times subtly, but always reassuringly; women are weak and wicked and the cause of every ill plaguing mankind, natural or manmade. It says so in the Good Book.
Ironically, that is not true. He does not seem to understand the ancient prejudices at issue, as he interprets everything through a tremendous blinding filter of "progress" that seems just so very obvious. Yet the fact is that he would not even have the attitudes about the feminine that he condemns Christians by, if not for many Christians in history. Yes, men are bad, now that is rather obvious. It's from humanity being bad, you see. And did a respect for women as a global force come out of the Nature worshipping pagans with their tribalism and survival of the fittest? Did it even come out of the Darwinists, as they are fond of implying? An example comes to mind there. But anyway, such is the mind of the typical progressive, they have some pseudo-evolutionary notion of progress through time that they fit everything into, whether it actually does or not. So the old cultures were all wrong (Although somehow that is the heritage that we "progressed" from.) and we must be right now, as it is now such and such a time. Progressives write these sort of things incessantly, as it is the myth that they believe. So people in the past were all stupid degenerates, but this New Man will tell us how things really are given the supposed saftey of his own effeminacy, which is supposedly a new aspect of the progress of evolution. He'll say that there is no good and evil, yet those people over there are the evil ones par excellence! And so on. One would think that the "religious right" or the "ethical code worship of the Jews" just needs "help" and medical treatment too, to keep things safe. It will. It's a quarantine, a concentration of the disease into a camp and so on. This is what the technically proficient barbarians will often say, anyway.

Back to the example:
"Yes, the Religious Ogres [see example, for the possible morphology of a religious Ogre] of North America are finally coming out, proud Frankenstenien debutantes, crawling like some kind of deformed neo-humans from subterranean nests after nuclear apocalypse, blinking in the harsh light of day. [Why, there's the imperiled feminine now. Save her New Man, save her!] And just like those cinematic icons, the mobs are eager to foist their sickness on the rest of us through deception, raw power, thuggery, or the barrel of a gun. And ladies, along with atheists, Jews, homosexuals, blacks and other minorities, you are a top priority for persecution, assimilation, or elimination, by these NCR creeps."
He doesn't seem to understand the cultural scripts involved with the movie scripts made into such cinematic icons. But anyway, he finally got to the point of projecting out his own revisitation of the "biological thinking" typical to Nazism right there. In the interest of space, I will get to that later.

Onward, to his final "vision" for the future:
...we can press that battle onward until all people are created equal, and equally deserving of every Constitutional mandate. But in that duel against the simplest of viral creatures and lowest denominator of human hatred and fear, we must combat the cleverest and vilest among our own kind. [...] The only group I'm hoping to stick a shiv in here should be pretty clear.
(Emphasis added)

It ain't easy, being a "Frankenstenien debutante." And what do people have against viruses or parasites, are these life forms not victims of it all too? Equality, anyone? Equal rights for alligator people, I say!

(Note the morphological similarity between them and the "Frankenstenien debutantes," after all, which means they are equals somehow.)

At any rate, the New Man feels that he has knowledge like a god now and so is capable of fighting a battle to "create people equal" in the new utopia, perhaps to live forever, the last of the enlightenment myths. The supposed enlightened ones seem to think that they are the first to think of these myths, as well.

There are also the "viral creatures" that he's after. I'll go through some of the rest later. The spirit of Nazism that he is projecting is a rather brutal topic, but as you can see from where he finally ends up in his language he is becoming a rather brutal little fellow. [Hmmm, "subterranean nests"? Ah, perhaps it is the mole people threatening the feminine again.]

Perhaps when I go through a rather brutal history I will put a warning on such posts, so those who do not want to see a brutal history having to do with these technically proficient barbarians do not have to. Perhaps I should have put a warning on this post, as he gets increasingly brutal. It seems beyond their knowledge that they could be right "technically" or physically, yet wrong morally, as their neural nets settle farther into "biological thinking" and an old Beast seems to stir.

[Edit: Actually, the site is called into Good and Evil so if you don't want to read some brutal examples of evil and the like then perhaps you should not be reading this site. Hmmm, " surely as racism and ethnic cleansing clawed out of their burial grounds in Central Europe once relieved of their Soviet Oppressors." If I were to represent that metaphorically it would be one demon saying of another, "As you can see it's a good thing I was there, scientifically speaking to stop the other from crawling out. I'll keep you safe so worship me or the old Beast might get out again! At least I starve souls and eat my meal slowly." There seems to be a lot of material in this little fellow's head. I'll read it again and write about some of it later.]

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