Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Horror....I suppose that I'm a day late again.

Horror, it can be pretty horrible....

Note, that's Frankenstein's daughter, not Frankenstein, lest there be any confusion about that.

Note, none of the Puppet People were Gay©, lest there be any confusion about that. Obviously they couldn't be Gay© for if they were they would never have attacked, and would instead have spent their time being modern apostles of tolerance and love.

On a more analytical note, often horror seems to rely on atavistic fears, like the fear of dragons and the myths of dinosaurs, e.g.:

Then there's the semi-amphibious being narrative, which is an ancient notion.

I think there's some NBC show that promotes the notion of semi-aquatic alien beings, being with us again.

Then there's the apocalyptic notion of a new alien species or type of being, being around at the end of the world:

Even the Beast gets a lil' tired sometimes, you know.

Woven throughout many stories is the maiden in distress, with the advent of the New Woman the feminine will probably still need some physical help sometimes but now she'll slap the fellow who gives it.

Even the feminine is used for fear and some rather horrible horror.

"Quick, help me lift this big rubber hand!"

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