Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Pope on Intelligence

VATICAN CITY, Nov. 11 (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI has waded into the evolution debate in the United States, saying the universe was made as an "intelligent project" and criticizing those who say its creation was without direction.

Benedict's comments, made during his general audience on Wednesday, were published Thursday.

The pope focused on scriptural readings that said God's love was seen in the "marvels of creation." He quoted St. Basil the Great as saying that some people, "fooled by the atheism that they carry inside of them, imagine a universe free of direction and order, as if at the mercy of chance."
(The NYT)

I'd really like to know what people think that "chance" is philosophically. Is it something outside of cause and effect which just happens, by "chance"? It is chance that is a science stopper when it comes to cause and effect. Maybe that is why Darwinists project about it so often as they so often seem to want to trace things back out into some type of "random" event or chance. They seek to eliminate the very portion of the dialectic that defines chance as happenstance. Ask them what it is that defines the "chance" that they keep talking about and they will not have an answer as the notion can only be opposed to and defined by the telic thoughts typical to intelligence.

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