Sunday, October 02, 2005

They don't make them like that anymore.


But even in the good old days there were classics, many drawn from the art of comics. It seems that some things have not changed much for the storytellers.

Superman, then and then:


The lesser known, Phantom:

Tarzan, of course:

And who can forget Tiger Woman?

Well, some things are best left forgotten, interesting to note how an idea evolves and so on perhaps with some better left to go extinct. The thing that the Darwinist minds seems not to understand about evolution is that somewhere along a lineage there has to be a creative act, then everyone else can make many adaptations and variations on the theme or narrative. Anyway, I like many of Hollywood's adaptations but it is worth noting that somewhere along the line someone has to actually be more creative than adaptive. So put your little cat cap on tiger woman, your lineage may not have any adaptations but you are woman and the echoes of your roar can still be heard.

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The links for the movie posters are broken in this post, apparently blogger breaks links to pictures with long names. It's not worth fixing, so no close ups of tiger woman, sorry.]

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