Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Comics and Movies

Lately the rate at which comic books are being made into movies has been increasing, although that trend goes all the way back to Tarzan king of the jungle moving to the big screen.

I wonder about those who write movie scripts sometimes, as sometimes it seems that they are just plain out of ideas. The amount of comics that have been made into movies is already high but trend of using them for movies will probably continue with recent sucesses, and it's always been easy.

(I expect more biblical narratives to be made into mooovies for the Herd too. Unlike Gibson's movie, they may be made for no other reason than that they make money. I suppose if artists are going to herd the Herd anyway, they may as well use a whip to herd it in the right direction.)

Comics already made into movies:

Batman and assorted characters,

Batman was made into a movie again for this year.

Of course, there is Superman,

There is a movie coming out in 2006 based on Superman again.

Spider man,

Spidy One
Spidy Two
Spidy Three

Daredevil and Elektra

The Hulk,

Also the X-Men and others...but for the sake of dialup users I'll stop. Most of them they did a pretty good job with.

There are some comics that I hope are never made into movies, like SheHulk.

You think that is my best example? Well, I still have Doll Man up my sleave!

Some comics did not survive the translation into movies well,

Some in which the writers seemed to be thinking, "You know, Halle Berry would look good in a cat suit. Well, our script is done..."

Lastly there are some comics that I think would make for a good movie but have not been done. Venom...true, this one is a little dark but could be done better than Spawn. It has a duality to it. It's about an alien symbiote which lives with the guy and while it is somewhat evil both of them come together for the good, usually.

Separation anxiety,

"God help the beast within..."

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