Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Iraqi Constitution

Results expected next week; no major violence reported

No major violence and:
Initial figures showed more than two-thirds of eligible voters cast ballots in Baghdad and seven other provinces, said Ayar. In eight others, turnout ranged between 33 percent and 66 percent, he said.

From Iraq is the model, Omar's commentary.

I met one friend on the way and when I asked him what would his vote be he said that he hasn’t decided yet “if I voted yes I would be approving some articles that I don’t agree with and if I voted no we would go back to where we started from…” he said and that was really refreshing because this guy who used to believe in conspiracy theories and stuff like “what America wants is what’s going to happen” now feels that his vote can make a difference.

Apparently he's not a conspiracy theorist like Michael Moore or the African American Left in America. Their votes just weren't counted, see. And they probably had to stand in line with snipers shooting at them too. It's so difficult in America, where everyone's so victimized by it all.

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