Saturday, October 29, 2005

An area for research...

Carl has been writing on abstinence, condoms and curricula, it seems at first glance the the ACLU is using propaganda or some form of disinformation that sometimes begins at the hands of some Leftist researcher. Note the supposed Leftist concern for saftey, which is the framework that they seek to put everything in.

The claims that the ACLU makes in their language may be worth looking into, note the issue of condoms and seatbelts (i.e. behavior patterns changing as the result of feeling safe). That's the problem with the Leftist/Benthamite philosophy, it is a bundle of relative rationalizations for continually tinkering with the ratios of the rational until one day totalitarianism is complete. In contrast, a conservative/Burkean philosophy begins with rationales, including a rationale for rationality, and then seeks to safeguard as much Liberty as possible with a minimal amount of tinkering.

At the root of Leftist philosophy there is nothing but an unceasing sort of moved motion based on Naturalism and any notion of spiritual unmoved movers of any type is "separated" out as "religion" and so on. Leftists believe, quite strongly, that youth cannot act as unmoved movers against the natural instincts that move them. If youth can keep themselves safe by self-government, then it refutes Leftist philosophy and their tendency toward technocratic totalitarianism, where technology and experts are supposedly the solution to the moral failings of humanity. I would note that the empirical evidence already goes against a matter before mind type of philosophy, while history shows that people can be technically proficient barbarians through technology. It would be too long to go into all that here.

In the past when I've refuted Leftists based on empirical evidence on these type of issues it has turned out that they cared more about keeping their matter before mind type of philosophy safe than in keeping youth safe. So it would seem that all the talk of saftey may often be a rather thin veneer covering their weltanschauung/worldview. Supposedly they're often more concerned with your saftey than you are. Or are they?

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