Friday, October 21, 2005

It's late.

I should have gotten some windsurfing pictures from last weekend as I don't want to get into a post right now. The one I have in mind would probably take too long. There are some comments strewn about below, some aren't worth reading.

I wanted to note something on the comments about abortion though.

Ellie said, "The abortion debate is not as cut and dry as some would like it to be. When you are dealing with real people who are all different with individual wants, needs and desires you can't categorize. "

She is arguing that it is all blurry, so it is too difficult to judge good and evil. It is a well known principle in both legal proceedings and moral philosophy to try to establish precedents based on "cut and dry" or easy cases. That way those cases are decided correctly and there is at least somewhat of an opportunity to deal with the difficult cases as well. So I would and did bring up an easy case like the abortion of the partially born. Yet note that Leftists did not even want that defined and sought a lack of categorization. Their mindset on the issue is the opposite of normal legal and moral reasoning and they want to blur even the easy cases so that they are not "cut and dry." They try to make things lack clarity so that their views cannot be brought into the light and so that deeds may be hidden in the dark. It's not so much that the majority of cases are difficult legally or morally, it is more that Leftists are trying to lack judgment. For instance, Ellie was not passively describing the fact that the abortion issue cannot be cut and dry, she was actively avoiding clarity.

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