Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Discrimination, without any rational discriminations...

A SACKED insurance broker who repeatedly came to work drunk - and even urinated in a wastepaper bin - has been awarded $10,000 compensation after claiming discrimination against his attention deficit disorder.

On hearing the news, Lazy People said to be organizing to protest for lazy rights and medical diagnoses of laziness, as they are born lazy. (Of course, motivation is difficult.) Stupid People would also organize to combat discrimination against them, as Stupid People, if they were smart enough to.

Perhaps psychologists will once again lend their helping hand to these groups, for a fee, of course. The politics set up for the Gay People can apply to anything, except, perhaps for Flatulent People. You think I'm joking.
The author says that almost no one is actually lazy. Low productivity--whether in school or on the job--is almost always caused by a genuine problem, a neurodevelopmental dysfunction. Despite this, untold numbers of people have been stigmatized by unfair accusations of laziness, many of them adults who still carry emotional scars from their school days. The author shows how we can spot the neurodevelopmental dysfunctions that may cause "output failures", whether in school or in the work place. [...] Drawing on his clinical experience he describes eight people he has worked with who exhibited one or another of these problems. He shows how identifying the problem can lead to a course of corrective action rather than to accusations of laziness and moral failure.
(The myth of laziness
By Mel Levine
University of North Carolina Medical School, Clinical Center for the Study of Development & Learning) (Emphasis added)

The same thing can be done for anything, examples of a pattern of excuses are legion. If a physical cause is found then suddenly no one has responsibility for their own agency, as the cold toads deny the nature of humanity in the name of science even as they accept the human spirit enough to try to smother it. For instance, if you are only a physical being, the sum of your parts governed only by the laws of nature then wouldn't "you" be responsible physically for all that you are, given the fact of brute physical responsiblity for physical beings? Yet the cold toad is not saying that as they shift the spiritual and the physical around incessantly. They admit that we have some transphysical capacity only enough to say that a physical explanation for a phenomena can act as a blurred excuse for it. So somewhere out there inbetween the blurring of the physical and the spiritual is the responsiblity for agency, which is done away with. For an empirical and physical cause and effect would logically trace back to some form of an unmoved Mover (as Aristotle noted) and if the cause is the human spirit directly, then responsibility can be dealt with sans the physical veil. But as long as the entire issue is simply blurred between the soul and flesh everyone can be blinded to the issue of responsiblity, which is what evil desires.

I should also note that psychiatrists typically take little bits of knowledge and extend and blur them beyond all limitation for reasons similar to the Darwinists', as well as for the sake of diagnosing for dollars, as dollars flow towards a physical diagnosis that demands fees and treatment be paid to the psychiatrists that continually diagnose new "disorders." Most of them don't really think about what they are doing in a defined way like that, most just consider themselves helpful helpers who happen to wind up with increasing amounts of authority and money.

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