Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sex Offenders

This site combines various information technology to keep tabs on them. There's three living a few miles from where I live. As with almost anything now if you want to know, the information is out there. They have pictures and the guys don't look like some teenagers caught up in a law about statutory rape. You can get a satellite view of their house if you want.

Get out your tin-foil hats, as technology makes room for conspiracy...soon you will not be able to escape....Google, Google earth is interesting.

More Google goodness:
"Armed with only a cell phone - and a very low battery - I was able to Google [hemoglobin "premature infant"] and found a medical journal article claiming that it's perfectly normal for preemies to have their hemoglobin levels drop to 7 between the first and third months of life, and apparently this is especially true with twins." He showed the mobile screen citing this fact to the neonatalogists, who went off to research the issue for a couple of hours. They returned, says Howard, "and sheepishly admitted that our son was indeed fine - no treatment was necessary."
(Official Google Blog)

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