Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Delawarean Blogs

Since the News Journal updated its blog index I've been reading some local blogs. I'll probably get back to researching and writing on the Sirius Mystery and other things soon.

At PolitaKid, he has a reader in favor of animal rights apparently. I'm anxious to see if they support the rights of rectal parasites. But I doubt they'll answer the call for a clear statement of principles on the notion of animal rights.

At DownwithAbsolutes, there's a writer whose pattern of thought seems to match the eugenics movement. It seems they generally focus on having opinions about things, and some lil' feelings too. It doesn't matter if the opinion is wrong or ignorant, as long as they feel that they have an opinion it seems to make them happy. Having a correct opinion would probably be imposing, and hurt their feelings by shaping and molding them. So they seem to stick with incorrect opinions and murmur about their right to be wrong instead.

Collussus of Rhodey seems to be an informed fellow engaging in critical thinking.

College Democrats at the University of Delaware, they don't seem to be saying much other than, "Iraq war...war seem bad or somethin'." That seems to be what defines progressives these days.

Red White and Blue Hens, is written by conservative college students. They have a post on intelligent design up, so I wrote some about it.

And there's Delaware Watch, which I wound up finding a while back through Technorati somehow. He writes more about politics than principles, which seems typical to thinking progressives these days. It's either that or "I have a lil' feeling about this." like the Leftists who have an opinion, in their opinion, tend to write. Given the psychological dynamics involved a little, "That imposing...me no like, me victim of that." may also be mixed in. In general, progressive politics is on the decline as a matter of principles, insight and vision, thus you will hear "littany," a littany of specific problems like "healthcare, education and the environment" instead of ideas and principles.

And the old Look Machine, they're artists with Leftist tendencies, which can be quite a combination. (E.g., when an attempt to manifest a lack of judgment or ideas in art is made.)

[Edit: Still no takers on defending the animal rights of rectal parasites, it must still be okay to discriminate against them. Whatever happened to equality?]

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