Sunday, April 24, 2005

Evolutionism, Proto-Nazism

PZ Myers seems to be pleased about an editorial he had published while here he seems to be ranting that opposing views should not be published. It's because he's scientific or somethin', see. Well, here is an opposing view, as it seems that some fellows get too sure of themselves by murmuring, "Science, science...."

"Teaching [ID] steals time from more vital subjects in which our kids should be grounded."

I wonder if he means that it would steal time from teaching fraudulent claims about embryos and the like such as Haeckel's frauds? They and other such iconic imagery can still be found in the textbooks that Darwinists seem to venerate so. Yet they do not seem that concerned with keeping the "facts" that they teach students sound. They are too busy fighting the dread creationists, I suppose.

"ID proponents have not only failed to provide any evidence for their thesis, they aren't even trying."

That's incorrect and rather silly. Sheesh, I'm going to skip on down and highlight a few things.

"With no established body of results..."

It can be difficult to "establish" something against the grain of well established scholarship as Naturalists do what they typically do by seeking paths to censorship thanks to the weakness of their own scholarship. A "...weakness [that] is due not to inferior training but to the mendacity inherent in any scholarship that overlooks or openly repudiate[s] all moral and spiritual values."
(Hitler's Professors: The Part of Scholarship in Germany's Crimes Against the Jewish People
By Max Weinreich
(New York:The Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1946) :7)

Using censorship to hide such a weakness seems to lead to claims such as the newspaper ought not publish an opposing view. Because, what this fellow says is downright scientific!

" current work and no promising prospects for future research..."

Yes there is work being done. To understand such claims go back to the claim that supposedly ID propenents are not even trying to provide evidence, when as a matter of common sense the average person ought to be able to realize that of course they are.

"With no track record to earn the respect of scientists and educators, ID is attempting to circumvent the accepted standards of testing and validation to sneak into our schoolrooms -- it's cheating."

I think he is too late with his attempts to control information. Read his views and note that he may be the sort of person currently controlling "...accepted standards of testing and validation..." If so, it is little wonder that someone would go on around him. At any rate, it does not matter so much if the information is in the schoolrooms if it is all over the internet. But it is worth noting that there is much that people would have never heard about if this fellow had been able to have his way in controlling what is published (even in editorials?) based on his sort of scientism.

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