Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Creationists

Now there is a much maligned group.

A lot of time and effort has been spent on emotional conditioning with respect to this group. Why, I feel a shiver at the very term! These dread fellows must be quite dangerous. Watch out now, or they will impose their imposing views! Yes indeed, they are probably using the State to do it. They probably have an ever increasing alliance with the State based on power and money in an alliance with a judiciary tending to support their every whim. Their science is the standard the judiciary wants to establish for the sake of its oligarchic sort of technocracy. So these will be the dread fellows who define a totalitarian Science in an unlimited way!

Eh, no.

Actually, despite the emotional conditioning and the visceral reactions of hatred and censorship typical to the Old Press and progressives, the creationists are not doing any of those things.

All of that is best left to the evolutionist types.

The emotional conditioning typically used in the culture seems to be based on a pattern of disinformation that fits the scripts of the Left. I just read a progressive blog in which he remembered watching Inherit the Wind and how it all fits together so well. Of course it does, that's the way propaganda usually is. How absurd the conditioned brain becomes in its own memes. A Leftist has most likely never read a single book written by creationists or IDists. Yet they still feel they know all about the views of creationists/Scripturalists or IDists/Deists based on some mooovie. The Herd comes to have its feeling, that which it will moo about.


Irate Savant said...

Perhaps if you eschewed the use of single anecdotes to prove your point, you might better understand the concept of evolution.

mynym said...

That post has virtually nothing to do with the concept of evolution. That is probably why you have nothing to write about what my supposed misunderstanding of evolution is. So...what is it?

Demonstrate it.

I doubt you can. Instead, the post is about a sort of culture war where one side tends to work by physical emotional conditioning rather than metaphysical concepts. That is the side that places the perceptual before the conceptual, the physical before the metaphysical, a proto-Nazi tendency. One can prove this point numerous times as it is a matter of the basic philosophy of Naturalists and spiritual monists.

I'll put an example of creationists using the empirical facts supporting typology rather than the sequential on the blog.

I'd like to see you write a narrative of Naturalism based on the concept of evolution for it.

I think I will use it as an example for all the believers in Naturalism.

The concept,
"It so simple—and obvious. All that is required is to observe that the individuals of a species vary, suspect that some variants may be better adapted than others, observe that the power of reproduction can exceed the carrying capacity of the environment, and that the better- adapted individuals have a statistically better chance of surviving and leaving offspring."
(Science As a Way of Knowing: The Foundations of Modern Biology by John A. Moore :132)

There is a little trick in the concept which belies what evolutionists are typically trying to do. One little trick is attributing the an animate notion like "selection" to the inanimate/Nature. So the evolutionist will pretend that Nature "selects" this or that and so on. Another similar pollution of language that evolutionists tend to have to rely on is conflating the infinite with the finite somehow. In another section the same writer I cite there makes the same argument that there is some tension between the infinite number of possibilities and the finite environment/Nature. He's better than most Naturalists, but all he really did was sneak the infinite into what he was writing while cloaking it in the finite. Finite before infinite, physical before metaphysical, inanimate before the animate...yet even in their ignorant and stupid inversions a subtle sort of spirituality is still there based on the infinite and so on.

"...the power of reproduction can exceed the carrying capacity of the environment..."

Can it? He seems to be subtley going outside of the finite and Nature again, ultimately. How in the world can "the power" supposedly go outside of the environment and impact it? Is there a special "life force" that organisms have but that the environment does not? Is it a naturalistic explanation to say that there is some infinite sort of force or power to life? What happened to science, science?!

"...Paley, and many others, could have realized that evolution would explain the data in a more satisfying manner....more satisfying to a scientist because its basis was natural rather than supernatural processes." (Ib.)

You see, it seems to satisfy their urge to merge to deny the mountains of evidence for typology. He makes use of the infinite, then has a problem with the supernatural. In the end, it seems that evolutionists will even make room for the infinite or a special "power."

cspri said...

What's he's saying is that you Bible types are known for using what we call Counterfeit Rhetoric, Apologetics and Polemics, or CRAP for short.

It's immediately obvious that you're ignorant and you got that thing about feathers from a book; no real biologist would was his time on something so elementary and simple.

Nobody has the time to explain well- documented and universally accepted facts to a person who made up his mind before beginning the debate.

In fact, I think that you people, each and every one of you, are very well aware that this garbage you sell is just lies, and it's not us you're trying to convince, it's yourself that needs convincing.

So when you holler at me, you really just lie to yourself, and who knows, if you study hard, you just may use big enough words to confuse yourself into belief.

cspri said...

Don't flatter yourself. Nobody thinks the state is allied with the creationists. Quite frankly, nobody would give creationists nearly that much credit.

I realize that the Church has a persecution complex, but I must insist that comes from within - your own latent doubts, not us. In fact, we don't take you seriously at all, as a group you're generally ridiculed and ignored.

We don't hate you, and there is not a program of censorship. You people have been behaving like overgrown kids for years, and if you didn't get in our faces, we would leave you be. If you hadn't come to my web space and left your address and deliberately picked a fight with me.

In fact, you weren't even able to start a proper fight, you asked a bunch of people to basically write you a paragraph setting you up for a powerful argument, and when they didn't set you up in just the right way, you complained that they didn't speak to the real issue, and spewed a bunch of irrelevant bible jargon again.

It is the very epitome of blindness that you continually refer to the mental condition of others as weakened. We all know too well the various biassed ideas that are inserted during a religious upbringing, particularly wrt the non-religious.