Friday, April 08, 2005

Creative differences...

Captain Marvel,

Holy moley, the Captain valiantly tries to protect people!
From meteors,

The dread flood!

Holey moley, he even takes on the Red Menace.

Gosh golly, that's 1950s America for you.

The 2004 the narrative is to be Captain Marvel, the demigod!

Shazam, the modern narrative even seems to contain a Sadean twist sometimes! Well, sans such twists, I prefer the updated version in various ways. It makes use of some interesting science fiction, goes deeper, etc. Who really wants to read "Holy moley, shazam!" all the time anyway? Of course, humanity is dead or dying in the postmodern narrative. I guess Captain Marvel was too busy becoming a narcissistic sort of demigod through technology.

What I wonder about is the nurtured innocence of old, vs. the barbaric nihilism of the postmodern. Comics were written for children, once upon a time. Are now the times when all childhood is lost? What is left that is for children? I suppose there are still childhood things, tucked away safely, and I am just not up to speed on my Sesame Street or what have you.

A semblance of childhood innocence extended into adulthood in the 1950s which was reflected in art and culture, I do not believe that is a bad thing.


Jonathan said...


Those are 2 different Captain Marvels.

You are mixing DC's Captain Marvel with Marvel's Captain Marvel.

mynym said...

Ha, ha...I don't actually know that much about Comics. Not enough to know that there are two different Captain Marvels.

You who are in the know can take the post as a general comparison of the art and narratives.

House of Cards Radio said...

I know this is an ancient post, but you are both wrong. There are actually three (count 'em -- three (3)) Captain Marvels -- Fawcett's from the 40s and 50s -- later remade by DC; Marvel Comics of the 1960s and later; and then a very short-lived Captain Marvel from the 1960s from some independent publisher -- of a guy who could segment himself into different fighting body parts. Go figure. I've been trying to find a copy of THAT Captain Marvel on ebay, but so far, nada.

mynym said...

Wow... not sure how you found this old post.