Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Garden.....

Part One

Part Two, one day the lil' plant looked up at the son as he came down from the backporch and said, "Me lonely!"

So the son took the lil' plant inside to where they had created it to make another. The plant was put to sleep and did not remember a thing about the inside of the house and the creation of another gardening plant. He came to back outside in the garden. Then he saw another lil' plant with some tender lil' tendrils, slender stems and some beautiful flowers. He said, "Me like!" Then the two gardening plants started gardening the garden and the corner of the family's backyard started getting green with plants of all sorts. The father, son and mother looked down from their backporch and talked about how good their garden was coming along. It was looking like it would be very fruitful and the gardening plants would work well, once there were many more of them. The son said, "I guess they'll figure out how to make more on their own pretty soon." The father replied, "Probably, that first one seems a bit slow, though."

Then the family went in for the evening.

This evening a wind blew from the neighbor's yard and brought some pollen into the family's garden. The neighbor was not that creative. He once was friends with the creative family but did not get along with them anymore. He still remembered some of the things he learned and he wanted his own backyard to be green too. His gardening was not working out so well. He could not remember the things the creative family had taught him. His garden was not that fruitful and so he was becoming hungry. He put effort into, yet could not get enough energy back out of it to live well on and do more gardening too. He just could not create and he was not strong enough. But he hated the family now and would not accept any help from them.

This evening he had seen the family create their gardening plants and he thought to himself that here was the solution to his gardening problems. If he could just get some of those plants that the family had made then he could still garden and they would be creative for him. Through them, he could create. He could just tell them what to do and since the creative family had made them the lil' gardening plants would be able to do the gardening that he could not remember how to do. He felt hungry and then thought, "I just have to get them to my own backyard, somehow." So he took some of his only remaining type of plant and shook it over the fence, this was how the pollen came to fall down into the family's backyard. A hybrid tree came to grow from his pollen mixing in with plants of the garden. The father saw this tree and told the lil' gardening plants not to try to garden it. He saw that there was something wrong with it and did not want it to be fruitful or to pollute the garden.

The gardening plants were recyclers, like all plants are. They might have been special and creative gardening plants but they were, after all, still plants. So if the pollution got into them, then it would spread into the garden through their recycling processes. So he told them that their life as plants would get messed up from the pollution in the tree.

But one evening the neighbor whispered through the fence, "It would not mess up your recycling. But it is true that you would be changed. I created that tree, you see. So I know that if you garden it then you will be like me and the family you know. Look at yourselves, just stupid little plants, you can hardly talk or create as we can. Ha! Can't you see that my neighbors are just using you for their gardening?" So there was a lot of truth in what the neighbor said, he had just put things in his own light to get what he wanted.

The beautiful plant with the tender lil' tendrils replied, "Me tired of being plant!" The original plant agreed, "Me too!"

So they gardened the forbidden tree.

(I guess there will have to be a Part III. Sheesh....)

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