Sunday, December 05, 2004

A fairy tale, with no fairies.

Once upon a time there were some knights who lived in a fortress with their ruler, the Prince. There was a King of all kings and so the Prince was the Prince of princes. The Lady of the castle was the Lady of ladies too, her ways seemed mysterious sometimes. The interesting thing about these rulers is that they were not human but were some other type of alien Beings fight against other beings. They were not fighting over the place, the kingdoms that were there. Instead, they came from their Universe to fight for the souls of men and women that the King of kings had made because what he had made was good.

The powerful kingdom was at war with two other weaker kingdoms, ruled by weaker beings. On the one side of the kingdom of the Prince was a place ruled by an alien being, the Beast. All of the Beast's men were like Ape-men, brutish. They were powerful fighters in some ways, yet their weakness was their stupidity. On the other side of the kingdom was a place ruled by the Queen of the South. All of her men were smarmy dandies, quite effeminate. They could be tricky fighters in some ways, yet their weakness was always in their effete lack of strength. These two kingdoms had somewhat of an alliance because the King of kings was too powerful and they knew it. They could not be divided against such a powerful foe as the Prince.

One fine day a knight errant rode his trusty steed out of the castle of the kingdom of the Prince to do battle. For the Ape-men would try to eat or dehumanize any who fell into their grasp and the dandies were corrupt. He used to be a squire and this was his first journey. His mother was like the Lady of ladies and his father like the Prince, so he had become strong.

The first people he came across were some effete men of the Queen of the South. They were real dandies. As such men typically did, they tried to act friendly. They were pretty good at acting. So he got off his high horse and talked to them some. Yet, since they were at war and there was no way around this fact, as soon as he turned his back they tried to stab him in the back. This is generally what they did. Fortunately, he had some armor on and he jumped back on his high horse. Then he swung his sword and chopped one of their arms off. At this, all the dandies cried, "How could you!" While they got out their lil' hankies and started crying about it. So he turned to ride away again. Yet, as he did one of the archers tried to shoot him in the back. Fortunately, the dandy men were not so strong and the arrow did not fly very strong, straight and true. It seemed like these men just could not get things straight. So he turned his high horse back and all the dandies cried, "Your high horse, is so high. Why don't you get off your high horse?" The knight errant thought, "I might be a knight errant but I'm not that errant. Sheesh!" as he road back. The smarmy men all started waving their white hankies to surrender and some fell on the ground to play like they were already dead or wounded. But the knight errant ran them through with his sword this time. One of the dandy men fought, he seemed stronger and he parried and fought the knight. So the knight said, "You seem like a good fighter. Do you want to join our fight instead of having to fight for these strange men who fight by trying to surrender all the time?" The strong dandy man replied, "I see, so you do not surrender all the time and try to stab people in the back. I have heard of your Prince. I would meet your Prince." So the knight handed him a note which said, "This guy looks like a dandy man but he isn't. I know, it's surprising." which he put his seal on. He told him, "Show this at the gate."

This first battle seemed easy but the knight knew that if he ever met the true spirit of the Queen of the South and not just her servants that he would be easily seduced by her ways. Thankfully the Prince was not and could deal with her. In fact, through some of his servants he did deal with her and proved to her that the Lady of ladies had a vast wisdom that she lacked. Yet, she did not listen and corrupted the Prince's servants in various ways because she was a whore with some perverted wisdom that hid the lack of true wisdom in her babelings. She could corrupt his servants if they were willing but could never corrupt the Prince, although this was not for lack of trying.

(Some other time I'll finish this. Maybe with some Ape-men...and some intrigue and corruption among a group of groupie squires at the castle too. But later...)

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