Friday, November 06, 2015

"Stand with Israel"... and gay rainbows, comment on the Left hand path to Zion.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone, every race, every person could stop being a crazed fanatic obsessed with what they look like and just love everyone equally?

Pipe dream, I know.

Do you fall down on the side of the road, cast yourself on the ground and cry at every car crash in which a human being has died, as if they were your own family?

If not, then yes it's a pipe dream... and a pretty dumb one, at that.

 If you are a mother then it is your duty and natural to love your children and extended family, kith and kin. There's no need to fight real, true love while playing pretend that loving your own family more than others is like having a little "hate group" that needs to be monitored by some jew over at the SPLC.

The vast majority of the time the people spouting this fake rainbows and equality pipe dream wind up with some other(ized) group they want to put first before their own families. And that traces back to a jews/"minorities" first rainbow looove even as THEIR OWN FAMILIES are turned into a hated racial minority by jews. Go tell it to the jews. Tell them to love us, as a group. Once they've demonstrated that they "stand with" our ethnic group and serve us, then perhaps we can talk about rainbows and loving everyone equally.

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