Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comment on Ezra Klein... and the way that Jewish ethnic activists distort "American" foreign policy.

Ezra Klein is a Zionist. Keep in mind that's the lens of this media. The model of using snipers to shoot peaceful demonstrators in order to blame the "dictator" for shooting his own people was used in Venezuela by American empire builders and the Ukraine in order to establish a Jewish proxy government there. It's a pretty standard covert operation carried out by "special forces."

Where were the shots fired from? Why would Assad trigger a rebellion against himself? Now that has all been incited, who benefits?

"Obama, horrified by Assad's atrocities..."

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The magical "chemical weapons" that are supposedly worse than dying by traditional means came out of Turkey and were used by the rebels in order to try to trigger a "redline" intervention. How stupid do Jews like Ezra Klein think we are?

And on and on. What is the point of this? Because it's not a "war on terror." It's a war of terror, generally waged by oligarchic Judaizers while Zionists like Ezra Klein frame everything in their own nationalist interests. They want all Arab nationalism and nations that aren't aligned with their interests destroyed, "terrorism" or not. Assad, Saddam, Ghadaffi. Yet, the Saudis are safe from any "Arab spring"... and this mess that is based on Arab "goyim" being incited against each other while empire builders circle around in the background.

People have to stop falling for this stuff. The same model could be used to break apart America if there was enough ethnic conflict and abject incompetence in law enforcement here. Snipe protesters, blame your ethnic enemies, begin the mess with one faction/gang vs. another as Russian/Chinese empire builders circle in the background... one more reason to have a an ethnically homogeneous culture. (Imagine the Russians arming black lives matter and foreign operatives running around inciting people or the Chinese arming Westboro Baptist... don't do this stuff or turn a blind eye to it or lie about it, as Ezra "the Zionist" Klein does in this video.)

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