Thursday, November 12, 2015

Amazon comment...

Check out his other review of some book critical of tribal Holocaust mythologies, there's your answer. The truth has never mattered to people that are like intellectual "gang"/tribe members. His main concern here as an ethnic activist for his tribe (However he cloaks it.) is that European Americans and Europeans in general are not allowed any tribalism, at all, regardless of truth. Therefore, you can't protect your own kith and kin no matter what is actually happening around you. On the other hand, these same Jews will argue that everyone else in the world can have an ethnic identity, thus they'll help create the NAACP or allow La Raza and everything else. (Chinese and Arab lobbies aren't promoted as much.) All of this Jewish activism for what is perceived to be in Jewish interests (preventing European Nazism/racism) comes down on law enforcement because they're expected to deny the truth that they're observing day after day. (The never ending failure of multiculturalism and diversity pushed on European "goy" by Jewish supremacist "gang"/tribe members.)

His other review, "holocaust" denial. Why? The truth doesn't matter there either, no matter how many blood libels (soap and lampshades) and how much defamation these people engage in while inciting more African hate crimes against European Americans. Is it good for the Tribe is what matters. Check out their own ethnic state and suddenly everything changes. Why? Because their perception of what is good for the Tribe has changed there. Most of them, just observe the evidence and their behavior, as you become aware of the Jews again... don't think like we people of European descent do. So if the truth is not good for their gang/tribe, then so much the worse for the truth. But police can't just play pretend about suppressed truth, as you well know.

You can see the fear written all over his reviews if you know what to look for. He fears that the "alpha male"/fascist police may be "Nazis," the old slur of the Tribe when they defamed Germans and incited a "Germany Must Perish" war against all Germans that continues to this day. Tribal fear... it's not about the truth for them.

On a side note, these policemen are not "racists"/"Nazis" or some other insult invented by Jews. They're usually good guys of European descent. So now we're beginning to get your back, despite all these tribal/"gang related" Jewish "intellectuals" with zero concern for the truth that lecture us "dumb white goyim" about how our decentralized media and books haven't been approved as kosher... by them!

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