Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Comment 11/17

The Jews and you also want European nationalism diversified out of existence. Over and over again, we've gone through how you will not admit that we exist as an indigenous ethnic group with a natural right to keep on existing. Instead you start "dreaming"... and play pretend that Jewish lies were the "American dream" of our ancestors instead of what they actually did, creating and securing a European derived country for themselves and posterity. Not African pygmies. Not Chinese. Not Arabs. Not Eskimos. Themselves and posterity... probably because they were men and not witless cucks.

Anyway, you'll find that while Jewish nationalists generally support bombing Syrian nationalists and "rebels" in Syria, many will simultaneously support flooding Europe and America or any European derived countries with Syrian refugees in order to destabilize them. Or they will keep silent and refuse to identify other members of their tribe trying to diversify Europeans out of existence.

That's because most of them view both European nationalists/"Nazis" and Syrian nationalists as their enemy, as you seem to as well.

As long as you and the Jews that you serve are not challenged on this, we will not be able to have a country for ourselves and posterity. Allowing Jews to challenge our natural right to exist as people of European descent in the countries of our forefathers while sending our people off to wars for Jews was a mistake on your part.

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