Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11/18... 3, 4? Lol.

Consider that "terrorism" is just the pretext for awakening to their own ethnic identity as "the French people" of European descent, living in the land of their ancestors for hundreds of years. It's love for their nation, kin... and the country that they were living in until their leaders tried to "melt" and blend them out of existence as a people. All the melting away and integration expected of all people of European descent sounds a lot like Israel Zhangwill's melting pot, doesn't it?

Curious. I'm surprised that you guys are still pushing. But I don't think it's intellectual., like you've thought this through. Looks more like instinct, that's probably why you and Sarkozy and Zhangwill and Emma all align. Just a bunch of wretched refuse, blend it all together?

Watch out, the pot is boiling... and apparently you don't even know that it's "likely" to boil over on you. I can get all poetic too.

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