Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ramble 3/24

Anyone that doesn't even mention the fact that Zionists like Victoria "F the EU." Nuland, George "Russia is an existential threat." Soros and lobby groups like AIPAC have to stamp any of the anti-Syria plans of LESSER POWERS like the Saudis or Qataris as kosher is not worth listening to. Do the Saudis have people working for their interests in America through lobby groups like AIPAC, fronts like PNAC and people in the Department of State like Victoria Nuland? No. But Israelis do, without any "conspiracy theory" or conspiracies necessary because it's all out in the open.
Any supposed "analysis" that turns a blind eye to all that while focusing only on lesser powers or mysterious and ghostly "globalists" is bunk.
And right above this, who is Alex talking to while refusing to identify the most powerful faction and lobby in the room? Greg "kosher CONspiracy theorist" Palast.

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