Monday, March 23, 2015

Meh... Delaware Politics. Lol. Time for lunch!

I have a bet with a couple of people here that you are not capable of writing a positive comment.

As a pseudo-Mason maybe I can speak for whatever remains of "the club" that doesn't seem to be doing much these days other than being grumpy old men. 

At least you apparently had enough sense to try to form an independent political party of (most likely) some other grumpy old men, if nothing else.  

That's a pretty positive comment from a pretty negative guy like me, right?

Quick ethnic profile:
Ayotte Name Meaning: Altered spelling (common in Quebec) of the French occupational name Aillot or Hayot 'garlic seller', from ail 'garlic'.
Caucasian: 95.93%
Hispanic: 1.27%
African-American: 0.22%
Native American: 0.79%
Asian: 0.73%
Mixed Race: 1.05%
  Looks like an interesting profile...  too bad we don't need any garlic in our melting pot recipe.    Sorry but you can't join our party... it's real elite, influential and stuff.  

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