Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Random comment... 3/24

The irony of this is that the Jewish CEO of Starbucks does not tell Israelis to stop being ethnocentric or outright racist colonizers. Navel gaze. Have a conversation about why Ethopian Jews have been sterilized. Etc. Did the brain dead trendies working for him do this on their own or was he the one that wanted to "incite" a conversation about race in America? If it was him and the same thing was done to him, "Let's talk about Israeli racism... why do they need their own state?" and so on... then it would probably be "hate speech" and the Cohen/Kaplan "human rights activists"/commissions/commissars of the Sandhedrin would be on it in seconds.

But when it's Whites, Alex "looney tunes" Jones is what we get as our "almost mainstream media" front group criticizing this crap for Whites. Basically, and since his audience is probably 99% White anyway.... you all need to speak up for yourselves and form new groups and new media critical of Jews. They'll call it "antisemitic" but they've been anti-White for way longer and now they may even be coming for their own multicultural White Uberman/Superman.

Alex Jones is fine, at least he tries...  lol.

I guess he always said that he didn't want to be the leader and wanted new people to open more media outlets.

And that is what is happening now as Whites are being incited by the anti-White propaganda and tendencies of Jews worldwide.

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