Monday, March 30, 2015

How Whites Took Over America Part 2

(Lulz.  Not enough of an extreme satire according to the comments section): I don't get the author's intent? Portraying the Whites as our Talmudic oppressors and the Indians as Whites, OK, but the Indian story lacks the essentials that they were (A) not wiped out by white aggression, but depopulated from disease and (B) given reservations in which nearly all tribes are accounted for, (We don't have a single city block for Whites in this world.) and (C) most of the treaties were broken by the Indians which led to their expulsions. (D) No Indian cities, public schools, libraries, health clinics, etc., were destroyed in the process. (E) We have a history of our White racial family being here in mass long before anything called an Indian ever walked the continents. (F) Indians haven't been restricted from White societies for 150 years. And (G) no one has ever treated us as good as we have treated them. So, what is really the point of the video?

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