Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ramble 3/18

I haven't even said that Whites need their own ethnostate comparable to the Jewish State.  After all, that would be more intolerant and more "racist" on the spectrum of racism, intolerance and violence typical to all men.

What is the point of a nation and a government?  It is its people.

My main argument is to let the nation settle and self-segregate if that's what people want to do. 

Compare my view with Biden's "unrelenting stream," while he is also simultaneously and avowed Zionist. 

On a side note, without "corporate"/soft or "state"/violent pressure forming their own neighborhoods and regions and nations and so on is usually what all groups and races of people want to do.  Self-segregation or even institutional segregation is what Jews observably want to do (for themselves!).  That's what Africans want to do.  That's what some African Americans like Issa want to preserve.  It's what Mexicans want to do.  And so on and on and on.  White people often seem to want to play pretend about playing with rainbows (Something that Jews have apparently noticed!), yet then they do the same exact things based on freedom of association too.  "White flight."    

That is the observable behavior of every single group of people. 

The Jewish Left* in America are the leaders of the world in racial/cultural hypocrisy and given trends in technology, get used to their exposure now.  Again, again and again.

Netanyahu and the Likudniks are actually more open and honest in some respects, although I disagree with his use of "easily moved" America to build up his nation for his people and so on...  he is a fellow nationalist.  And he's pretty good at it.  Although I think it's easy when you have groups of people working for your nation in other nations, all over the world.  Other nationalists couldn't get away with as many "conspiracies."  Little wonder that America is easily moved though, look at Mr. Moseley here.  Apparently if he doesn't do everything Netanyahu wants as a Jewish nationalist, then he's acting like Satan's little helper or something!   


 *I didn't realize this but after the Jewish Left was through with the Mandela/MLK model in South Africa, the nation is literally called a "rainbow nation."  Oy vey!      All the usual juxtapositions of abject Jewish hypocrisy apply to their "Communist" work in South Africa, juxtaposed to their own state where many seem to actually want "apartheid." 

For their own people they don't want interracial marriage.  Yet "Hollywood"/Jews will push that on the goyim as if it's Israel Zangwill's melting pot all over again, 24/7.   Not that there's anything wrong with it or the idea of a romantic melting pot either.   But there is something wrong with continual and abject hypocrisy and the absence of the Golden Rule.  Perhaps there is also something wrong with emerging through ethnic networking (whining about affirmative actions, I'd bet?) over a roiling and boiling "melting pot" to influence or even almost directly rule the lowly goyim/tribes.

So back, all the way back to the Clinton crime family...   they'll probably be done when Jews decide they're done.  That's my prediction.  We can wait for the electronic footprint it leaves behind if it ever happens and then I'll say, "See, observe...  Jews!"  And Mr. Moseley will say, "Hear no Jew, see no Jew!  The entire internet is an antisemitic conspiracy theory!!!!" 

Etc.  Fun.  Apparently Biden/bozo the clown estimates the amount of influence needed to bring down the Clintons among the freedumb fries eating and hopium smoking American public/goyim to stand at about 85% "influence."  I guess if you can "influence" them to cut their penises off instead of getting their heads screwed on straight, then getting someone elected to win the "war on women" who has a husband that probably used White sex slaves shouldn't be a problem!

That's how pathetic American goyim are becoming.  You have no "influence" in your own nation and one could almost program/script a litmus test on the net for who wants to be president by groveling.  For example Google image search:  Wailing Wall, Chris Christie.  Yep.  Wailing Wall, Rand Paul. Yes.  Clinton, yes.  Bush, yes.  Obama, yes.  Etc.  There they all are.  That's a lot of "Muslim Manchurian candidates" visiting a mosque in a foreign nation and bowing down!  (????)

Wailing Wall, Ron Paul?  Nope.  Not that I see.  Check for yourselves.  Dennis Kuccinich?  Probably not. 

Any goyim with any sense or dignity or ability to use "influence" to represent their own people first in the future?  My guess would be, no.  

Ron Paul was never going to be "allowed" to be president anyway...  cue Jon Stewart/Liebowitz or whoever.  See: John Stewart on Ron Paul 

It's a big joke.  (The fine print behind the shell corporations and the financial Rube Goldberg machines:  And it's on you!)  

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