Friday, February 20, 2015

Story time...

Bill, "I did a little research." 

What the heck did that entail?  Is she going to go stop the sewage floods in Detroit or the African "American" gangs of Chiraq with "a little research"?

There are very clear reasons why everyone wants to immigrate from or move away from all majority African regions of the world.  What do Africans themselves want to do?  Why am I having an immigrant from Zimbabwe over for dinner?  He "escaped."   

The White tribes of the North never got anywhere or began to build up towns and cities that others want to move to by arguing, "Hey guys... here's this wanderer from another tribe that's saying that pretty much everything is the fault of some other tribes.  Not his tribe, apparently he's totally innocent!  But some other tribes were real mean to us and stuff.  So let's sit around here and talk about that and resent it.  Grumble.  Woe is us! I really resent that some other tribe took advantage of us!  Not the wandering tribe though... the other tribes he keeps pointing to!" 

Meanwhile, a member of the wandering merchant tribe stole all their firewood to buy slaves from other tribes just like they had done to their ancestors. 

After all, he wasn't actually a totally innocent wanderer.  So then the white tribes of the North all froze to death. 

The End.

More likely these days:  "Say... I'm real empathetic to other tribes, as a woman.  I almost want to nurse them at my teat!  I don't want to help my own tribe or men at all, a wandering merchant told me to hate them.  I just want to help some others.  But I don't want to pay for anything... even nursing at the teat hurts!!  What I really want is for other male members of my tribe to pay for it all.  They should be real helpful to that other tribe that has been told to resent us and stuff.   They get the blood and guts, I get the glory of my moral vanity!"

Then they were sold into slavery by a wandering merchant tribe because they refused to look out for themselves. 

The End.  

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