Monday, February 09, 2015

Ramble 2/9

Being a racist who, by your own writings, want to defend the White race, does not make you a nationalist. You are not a nationalist. You are a racist.

There is zero wrong with preserving White cultures and nations.  You can call it whatever term invented by Jewish Bolsheviks you like.  They are racists, Marx was a Jewish racist seeking to manage the goyim for bankers.  Other tribally and racially conscious Jews have openly written about turning Europe into a race of mongrels that will be more easily ruled.  I think they may be wrong, probably a bungled miscalculation again.  (There are some highly intelligent mongrels, etc.)

 But in any event, they are the premier racists of the world if anyone is "racist."  

Merely saying, as I do... something like: "I think that we should preserve White cultures and liberty and freedom of association." is not an equivalent form of racism, if it is racist at all.  So people want to self-segregate, as usual, and they keep on doing that.  White flight, etc.  So what?  Why do you and most Jews in general want to chase down the last white goyim and integrate them with other cultures and races?   Who is being harmed?  For that matter, I do not care if Jews or the French or whoever want to preserve their races or cultures either.  Jahi Issa has written here that he wants to try to preserve historically black colleges. 

That's fine with me because I have principles and my views are generally based on observable facts.  People keep on self-segregating and if I had a son he'd look like me and if Obama had a son then he'd look like him...   and this is after intermarriage.   What's necessarily so terrible about racial distinctions and consciousness, again?  Their recurrence doesn't mean we cannot get along. 

That doesn't mean that I cannot support Obama more than you as a Judaizer and Jews talking about his assassination do.

Rambling now.... what are your kosher rules as a Judaizer, anyway?  How are you keeping it all straight with respect to who gets to be "racist" or racially conscious of their own "If I had a son..." families and so forth, supposedly?  Who are you to judge, exactly?  Apparently you are a Christian Zionist, if there is such a thing.   I find "Zionist" more insulting than your use of stigma words like racist.  It's the abject hypocrisy of it.  "Thou hypocrites!!!"  Etc.etc.  I mean, how does it "make sense" in your head to try to establish a Jewish State to preserve Jewish culture or what you apparently perceive as a Jewish race (racism!  ?????) while supporting Jewish lobby groups? 

That's not racism?  But Obama and I are racists? 

It would seem that you're arguing that Christians of European descent (aka "white people" in general) cannot have lobby groups in their own nations or America...  because that would be racism? 

Do you want us to wait until we are a kosher minority and approved victim/minority group???  One word: Afrikaners.  Apparently they'll never be a kosher minority, although they are a minority.  Apparently there will never be a Joe "shmuck of a" Slovo standing behind or with an African politician telling them about how they need to stop calling for genocide, let alone mere separation/apartheid.  (And of course, there's the usual hypocrisy that tends to typify Zionists "against racism" like yourself.  I.e. Joe "the smuck" Slovo probably had little to say about Zionism and wasn't leading Ethopian Jews there in the name of equality or whatever pretext he used to cover his ethnic hatred for Whites.)  

Christians in general can't even have lobby groups without some kosher conservative similar to you coming in and trying to turn it into one of your "stand with Israel" parties, with all the glitz and glamor of an entertainment industry. 

For example:
(Ted Cruz Crashes Defense of Christians Summit | The ...)
(Ted Cruz Booed Offstage At Defense of Christians Gathering)
(Sen. Cruz booed at In Defense of Christians Dinner - YouTube)

It's not just Christians of European descent that you refuse to "stand with," you probably don't represent Arab Christians either.  (Not that you should represent one group of people before another, other than your own nation and perhaps your own intelligence agencies before the Mossad, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthhammer with the Washington post, the NYT and so forth.  Seriously!)

The people you actually represent and defend first and foremost are Zionists.  You've even defended bit players intent on defaming and degrading goyim culture like Sarah "Jesus is magic" Silverman.  I am not degrading or defaming anyone, everything I write is factual and observable or I'll change my mind.  So if I were to write today that Bruce Jenner, a white man surrounded by media moguls of Hollywood (Jewish cabalists, etc.) recently decided to cut his penis off that's verifiable.  Etc.  It's looney tunes.  But it's observable.  

Apparently he wanted his own reality show, except that he just crashed his car and killed someone... in reality.  No word yet on if he still wants to cut his penis off.

How did the Apostle Paul put it again?      

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